A Better USB Gateway from RTA

  • May 31, 2022
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A Better USB Gateway from RTA
A Better USB Gateway from RTA

You probably know USB because you use it every day to transfer files on thumb drives and charge your phones and a bazillion other home electronics. However, USB is slowly gaining traction as a networking protocol on factory floors. In fact, the Enginerds® at RTA just added a ton of features and benefits to our 435 and 460 USB gateways to support its continued viability in manufacturing.
Our gateways allow you to write data from USB devices directly into your PLC, so there’s no need for a PC to convert your USB data. As RTA® President, Drew Baryenbruch, points out, “These enhancements make it possible for manufacturers to leverage a host of USB sensor devices that used to be constrained to lab environments.” But that’s not all. Check out these other enhancements.

  • Improved support of HID compatible RFID devices
  • Two functional USB ports
  • Support for composite interface devices (Honeywell 1950G)
  • Supports USB 2.0 data throughput
  • Can support the next generation of high-performance barcode scanners

And as always, our USB gateways come with the same long list of benefits that all our products do.

  • Always in stock
  • Ready to ship
  • Made in America
  • Expert support
  • 5-Yr warranty 

It's never been easier to get more information about what's happening in your industrial devices, especially those using USB network connectivity.

To get your USB data moving, contact us at 1-800-249-1612, solutions@rtautomation.com or visit the website.

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