Complete Your Connected Circuit with Norgren

  • August 31, 2022
  • Norgren
Complete Your Connected Circuit with Norgren
Complete Your Connected Circuit with Norgren

The connected circuit improves upon traditional pneumatic circuits by enabling components to digitally collect and transmit operational data. Through the use of technology such as sensors and switches, which can be installed in digitally enabled components from filter regulator lubricator to valve manifold to actuator, Norgren’s connected circuit gathers information on aspects of system functionality including air pressure, temperature, cycle count and more. This data provides insight that allows manufacturers to improve circuit productivity as a whole, increase efficiency, and reduce machine downtime through predictive or planned maintenance.

Improved Efficiency

IO-Link technology seamlessly automates and monitors the function of your pneumatic system, pinpointing inefficiencies to be quickly resolved.

Optimized Productivity

Real-time monitoring of your pneumatic circuit provides you with data and diagnostics to help make improved operational decisions.

Reduced Downtime

Data from sensors can facilitate predictive and planned maintenance, notifying you of repairs or upkeep before it puts a stop to production.
Norgen’s experts can guide your transition to smart pneumatics, offering a portfolio of products to complete everything from a basic pneumatic circuit to a connected, IO-Link-enabled pneumatic system.

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