Connect the Industrial IoT

  • October 10, 2022
  • Honeywell IAC
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Connect the Industrial IoT
Connect the Industrial IoT

Honeywell’s Connected OEM is the secure  IoT solution for OEMs. It’s a customizable, end-to-end platform to get devices online and provide visibility of installed assets.

Using Honeywell’s ControlEdge PLC and RTU, Connected OEM provides users with native Cloud connectivity with the MQTT protocol for easy integration with the existing equipment. It also comes with embedded cybersecurity certified for ISASecure EDSA Level2.

Data from sensors on installed equipment across sites is securely transferred to the Cloud through an intermediate modem or smart gateway. Connectivity can also use an independent cellular network without tapping through plant networks to minimize threats.

Using Honeywell’s proven Experion platform, it offers a secure, scalable solution to close the gap between IIoT ambitions and reality.

Taking the work out of IoT

Connected OEM combines market-leading technology, expertise and implementation services tailored to your Industry 4.0 goals: Remote equipment monitoring, improved asset management maintenance, data-driven design decisions, and identification of new revenue streams from spares and consumables.

The solution is built on deep IoT expertise and decades of experience in industrial processes and automation. With full implementation and a tailored solution, OEMs can focus on their core competencies. You bring the vision; Honeywell gets you and your assets online.

It’s Honeywell’s industrial Internet of Things platform, Cloud historian and visualizations and analytics in one simple, subscription-based service–fully delivered.

A versatile platform, easy execution, a single solution–and powerful results.

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