Explosion-proof HMIs for Hazardous Areas

  • July 29, 2022
  • Beckhoff Automation
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Explosion-proof HMIs for Hazardous Areas
Explosion-proof HMIs for Hazardous Areas

Through the systematic integration of advanced multi-touch technologies into its Control Panel and Panel PC portfolio, Beckhoff provides numerous industries with forward-looking operator interface concepts. With the company’s CPX Control Panel and Panel PC series, applications in hazardous areas classified Zone 2/22 also benefit.

High build quality and robust aluminum enclosures ensure reliability and durability in harsh and potentially explosive environmental conditions. This delivers significant advantages in terms of operation, look and feel, and design to applications in the process industries. The CPX portfolio offers a wide selection of screen formats, sizes, installation options and features. The range of formats includes 15-inch (4:3), 19-inch (5:4), and 21.5-inch (16:9 widescreen) versions. This means that process industry applications can benefit from advanced capacitive multi-touch technology, enabling the implementation of intuitive and feature-filled operating concepts.
To ensure that all application requirements are fulfilled, both the CPX29xx and CPX39xx series offer Control Panels for integration into control cabinets, as well as IP 65-rated standalone panels for mounting-arm installation. The same applies for the fanless Panel PCs in the CPX27xx and CPX37xx series. Equipped with heat-resistant, energy-saving Intel® Atom™ processors, they ensure reliable and high-performance system control in harsh environments.
Beckhoff offers system-integrated solutions for explosion protection with an extensive portfolio of explosion-proof components. In addition to the Control Panels and Panel PCs in the new CPX series, Beckhoff has offers the ELX series EtherCAT Terminals with intrinsically safe I/O interfaces for field device connection through to Ex Zone 0/20, as well as TwinCAT control software with an expanded range of interfaces for use in process technology.

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