Festo's DFM Series Guided Drives

  • December 20, 2021
  • Digi-Key Corporation
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Festo's DFM Series Guided Drives
Festo's DFM Series Guided Drives

Festo’s DFM series guided drives provide exceptional precision and sturdiness for a variety of tasks, including clamping, lifting, and stopping. These compact, maintenance-free devices come with a range of mounting options, deliver high rigidity, and are resistant to torques and lateral forces. The DFM series devices are reliable, adaptable, and resilient even with high torques.

  • Capable of withstanding high lateral forces and torsion

  • Mounting flexibility

  • Plain-bearing guide for high loads and cost-efficiency

  • Linear ball bearings for superior stiffness and robustness

  • Simple integration of position feedback


  • Clamping

  • Lifting

  • Stopping

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