Modular Automation Compatible Products

  • April 28, 2022
  • Oriental Motor USA Corporation
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Modular Automation Compatible Products
Modular Automation Compatible Products

The key to Modular Automation is the realization of the "Flexibility within the Production Line Layout." Modular Automation products support the next generation of automation.

Today’s challenge is to create flexible and reliable manufacturing lines to meet tomorrow’s manufacturing requirements. To achieve this, more and more companies are working on modularization, which allows the line configuration to be rearranged according to the situation.

As an increasing number of manufacturing locations are working on automation to replace common tasks, such as transporting materials, assembling products and performing work in difficult-to-access areas, Modular Automation compatible products are a group of products designed to support this direction.

Example: Work Transportation Robots Between Each Process
By converting the conveyors that are part of a production line to mobile robots, flexible configuration of the line becomes possible, and a more efficient production line is realized. A robot with a small turning radius can move and work even in a limited space. It is effective as a means to improve efficiency.
Example: Flexible Modified Module Line Adapted to the Production
By modularizing the equipment for each process, flexible layout changes can be implemented according to the product. In order to realize modularization, it is necessary to unify the equipment with certain standard sizes and simplify the power supply wiring. Since these modular sections are designed to move on their own, it is also necessary to consider making the device lighter and more compact. In the near future, there may come an era in which all production equipment will be self-propelled by battery drive, and layout changes will be made by AI on an efficient movement route.

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