Compact Fanless Industrial PC – Size. Power. Performance.

  • December 31, 2022
  • Premio Computer Inc.
Compact Fanless Industrial PC – Size. Power. Performance.
Compact Fanless Industrial PC – Size. Power. Performance.

Powerful Performance in a Compact Size - Premio’s RCO-3000-CFL Series
Size, power, and performance are fundamental specifications in developing a solution that can deliver at the rugged edge. However, finding the right balance between all three without sacrificing any features can prove to be a challenging task. While many small form-factor computers use a SoC (system on chip) design to balance performance and energy consumption, Premio’s award-winning RCO-3000 series industrial fanless computer breaks through this limitation with a socket-type design to enable greater processing for low latency responsiveness.

Premio’s RCO-3000-CFL is a small form factor fanless  industrial PC offering high performance in a low power and compact solution. Supported by Intel’s 9th Generation Core processors at a low 35W, the RCO-3000-CFL delivers socket type performance in a size that is ideal for space-constrained deployments. With the base model measuring 192mm x 197mm x 60mm (WxDxH), the RCO-3000-CFL brings greater compute performance while still maintaining low power consumption for industrial applications when paired with an Intel Q370 Chipset.

Key Features of RCO-3000-CFL

1. Multi-core Socket Type Design
A key defining feature in the RCO-3000-CFL is its ability to utilize a socket type design while still maintaining a small form factor and fanless footprint. By combining the LGA1511 socket design with Intel’s Q370 chipset, the RCO-3000-CFL brings enhanced desktop performance that enables up to 8 cores of compute power for heavy industrial workloads.

2. Modular I/O
Connectivity at the edge is plentiful with the RCO-3000-CFL’s flexible I/O options in its built in I/O panel, expandable daughterboards, and even optional rear PCIe expansion slots for additional add-in cards. Each of these options allow users to select from a wide range of modular I/O to suit their IoT needs. The RCO-3000-CFL also supports CAN Bus protocol to leverage vehicle telematics data in intelligent transportation, fleet management, process analytics, and system optimization.

Users can select from a range of modular I/O options that include:

  • 4x GbE LAN in RJ45 or M12
  • 2x 10GbE LAN
  • 4x USB 3.2 Gen 1
3. Seamless Connectivity
The RCO-3000-CFL supports wireless connectivity through Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth and is also equipped with dual SIM sockets to provide 4G/LTE connectivity. Enabling wireless connectivity allows the device to reliably connect to sensors and network systems, providing seamless connectivity in the most remote, and mobile edge deployments.

4. Hot Swappable & Tool-less SSD Bay for Data Storage
In addition to offering desktop-level performance, the RCO-3000-CFL supports storage technologies to accommodate data heavy rugged applications. The system allows for an internal and an external tool-less, hot-swappable 2.5” SATA SSD or HDD. The ability to conveniently and rapidly hot-swap storage drives without the use of tools allows users to simplify service and capacity upgrades out in the field.

With these storage options, the RCO-3000-CFL also provides support for RAID 0, 1, and 5 to give users the ability to sustain business-critical data and reduce downtime during drive maintenance.

5. Built Rugged. Built Ready.
As with all Premio industrial computers, the RCO-3000-CFL is designed to withstand the harshest environments to ensure mission-critical performance. Built with a hardened, extruded aluminum chassis and utilizing a fanless, cableless design, it is purpose-built for the most challenging deployments.
  • Completely fanless design for extra reliability
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: -25oC to 60oC
  • Shock and Vibration Resistance: 50G of shock and 5Grms vibration resistance
  • Wide Voltage Input: 9V to 48VDC
  • Power Ignition Management–Ensure Safe boot down for In-vehicle applications

Through passive cooling, it eliminates a common hardware failure point and prevents any vulnerabilities from outside elements, such as the ingress of dust and other small particles. In addition to its ruggedization, the RCO-3000-CFL brings security with integrated TPM 2.0 to ensure data and the system is safeguarded from unwanted and malicious cyberattacks.

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