Fanless Industrial Mini Computer: Ultra Compact, Enhanced Performance

  • February 06, 2023
  • Premio Inc.
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Fanless Industrial Mini Computer: Ultra Compact, Enhanced Performance
Fanless Industrial Mini Computer: Ultra Compact, Enhanced Performance

Ultra-Compact. Low Power. Edge AI Ready. Premio’s RCO-1000-EHL Series

Premio reveals the latest addition of its RCO-1000 Series, featuring Intel’s Elkhart Lake Processor. The newly upgraded RCO-1000-EHL brings powerful compute performance in a low power and ultra-compact form factor, suitable for space constrained deployments ranging from industrial automation, telematics, transportation and surveillance. The RCO-1000-EHL will be featured at ATX West 2023. Visit Premio at Booth 4489 and attend a leading tradeshow bringing industry leaders and professionals together to showcase the latest technologies in industrial automation and robotics. [CD1] [CS2] 

The RCO-1000-EHL is supported by Intel’s Celeron J6413 processor to deliver unmatched performance with powerful quad-cores at a low 10W TDP. This system on chip (SoC) design gives the RCO-1000-EHL a generational boost in performance for Industrial IoT and Edge AI computing in comparison to its predecessor (RCO-1000-J1900).

  • Up to 60% performance increase
  • Up to 4x Memory Boost (supporting up to 32GB DDR4)
  • Up to 2.3x faster Single and Multi-thread
  • 5x Faster Graphic performance with Intel UHD

With this performance boost, the RCO-1000-EHL can support complex software applications, enables up to triple 4K displays (enabled through add-on daughterboards), and comes with Intel’s commitment to a 15-year embedded lifecycle

8 Key Features of the RCO-1000-EHL Fanless Mini Computer

  1. Ultra-Compact in Size

The RCO-1000-EHL is a mini fanless industrial computer designed for the most space constrained deployments. Measuring in at 150 x 105 x 49 mm in its base model, the RCO-1000-EHL is one of the smallest industrial computers available on the market.

  1. Modular, Customizable, and High-Speed I/O

Premio’s signature feature in its industrial computer design is robust high-speed, modular and scalable I/O. The front and rear panels support multiple high-speed I/O ports for many demanding IIoT edge applications.
The RCO-1000-EHL also allows for additional I/O through modular daughterboards. These daughterboards utilize Premio’s PCIe 3.0 pin design to allow for simple configuration and installation. These I/O expansion daughterboards give users the capability to fully customize up to 3 slots from various I/O options ranging from:

  • USB Ports
  • HDMI Port
  • DisplayPort & DIO Port
  • COM Ports


  1. Edge AI Ready

There is a bottleneck in today’s AI and ML applications where traditional computing solutions are reaching a performance-cost-energy ceiling. The RCO-1000-EHL comes with an on-board M.2 slot to empower AI hardware acceleration.  Featuring a HAILO-8TM M.2 module, this AI processor brings data center class performance to help execute deep learning inferencing in real-time while still maintaining low power consumption.

  1. Hardware Security with TPM 2.0

The RCO-1000-EHL utilizes a discrete TPM 2.0 to protect the system from unwanted cyberattacks. TPMs enable password protection and device authentication to provide the safest defense against malicious attacks looking to steal business-critical data.

  1. Wireless Connectivity for Mobile IoT & Data Telemetry

The RCO-1000-EHL comes with embedded CAN Bus ports that allow the RCO-1000-EHL unit to directly communicate with other machines and devices, removing the need for a host computer.
The RCO-1000-EHL also supports Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth, and is equipped with an external dual SIM socket to provide 5G and 4G/LTE connectivity. Enabling wireless connectivity allows the device to reliably connect to sensors and network systems, providing seamless connectivity in the most remote, and mobile edge deployments.  

  1. Power Ignition Management

The RCO-1000-EHL Series has a power ignition module for ignition sensing and management. The power ignition management delays the system shutdown after engine shutoff for a pre-determined time interval.

  1. Flexible Mounting

The RCO-1000-EHL allows for multiple variations of mounting configurations, including side mount, VESA mount. Wall mount, and DIN-Rail mount. These options enable the fanless mini computer to be ready for any industrial IoT deployments.

  1. Built Rugged. Built Ready.

 Premio’s RCO-1000-EHL industrial grade design is built to withstand the harshest environments found in many industrial applications. The aluminum chassis allows the system to adapt an entirely fanless, cableless design that is purpose built to remain operatable and reliable in challenging deployments

  • Completely fanless design for extra reliability
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: -40oC to 70oC
  • Shock and Vibration Resistance: 50G of shock and 5Grms vibration resistance (MIL-STD-810G Compliance)
  • Wide Voltage Input: 9V to 36VDC
  • Over Current & Over Voltage Protection

To learn more about the RCO-1000-EHL, visit to contact a member of our sales team today!


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