MRC01 Robot Controller

  • February 27, 2023
  • Oriental Motor USA Corporation
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MRC01 Robot Controller
MRC01 Robot Controller

The MRC01 robot controller supports easy programming and control of in-house designed custom built robots with 3 simple steps: "Initial Setup," "Operating Programming" and "Operational Checking."

Use the AZ Series family of products to support your in-house design for improved performance and ease of use.

  • Easily introduce custom-built robots to existing systems
  • Direct control via EtherNet/IP™
  • Easy setup even for beginners (no ladder logic)
  • Experience the "MRC Studio" programming software (trial version) before purchase
  • Use with AZ Series drivers: built-in controller type (AC/DC) or mini driver RS-485 communication type (24/48 VDC)

Robot Application Recommendation

The MRC01 robot controller is recommended for use with articulated robots, SCARA robots and delta robots. Our technical support team will select the right motors for you. Please select the type of robot you are building, fill in the necessary information, and submit the form online. If you have a different type of robot application, please contact our technical support team for assistance.

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