Picavi to introduce Picavi Cockpit at MODEX 2020

  • February 14, 2020
Picavi to introduce Picavi Cockpit at MODEX 2020
Picavi to introduce Picavi Cockpit at MODEX 2020

Picavi, at MODEX 2020 in Atlanta, GA, March 9 -12, is introducing the Picavi Cockpit (at Booth 5485).

The Picavi Cockpit tool generates smart data for managing, maintaining, and customizing the screen of the Pick-by-Vision glasses: analytics, mobile device management (MDM) and configurator.

This innovation is intended to unleash the potential of order picking supported by assisted reality (AR). With the smart data function analytics: sensors on the glasses collect process parameters that can be evaluated using the Picavi Cockpit.

An application example is Wi-Fi coverage in the warehouse. The interaction between Picavi Cockpit and data glasses means the signal can be measured at each individual storage location. "Dead" zones or areas with weak signal coverage, can lead to interruptions in the picking process, become visible. Individual KPIs (such as picks per hour or per location) can be defined in analytics and monitored in dashboards.

Another feature is the identification of warehouse optimization potential. Ensuring that items are stored in accordance with the ABC analysis are now axiomatic. Faulty scans at a storage location are eliminated. The Picavi Cockpit eliminates disruptive factors by detecting and eliminating them beforehand, increasing and automating process quality.

Mobile device management and automation in the Picavi Cockpit ensures functionality of smart data glasses with minimal effort. A one-scan setup works to simplify the addition of new glasses to the fleet. Scanning the barcode starts the configuration process. The glasses are ready for practical use in a few steps. Wireless updates can be installed “over the air” using the breakthrough automation software. Automating integrated screencast functions is suitable for training new employees to modern standards. The glasses' real-time display can be projected onto a monitor.

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