Yokogawa RAP Announces Launch of RAP4, Digital Control of Work (CoW) Software System

  • February 11, 2021
  • Yokogawa
Yokogawa RAP Announces Launch of RAP4, Digital Control of Work (CoW) Software System
Yokogawa RAP Announces Launch of RAP4, Digital Control of Work (CoW) Software System

Feb. 10, 2021 - Houston, Texas - Yokogawa RAP announces the official launch of RAP4, its trusted Digital Control of Work (CoW) software. With significant new functionality, RAP4 provides a fresh intuitive gateway to a safer workforce culture.

Allied with the RAP Cortex knowledge base of potential hazards and mitigating controls, RAP4 is an intelligent alternative to the simple digitization of paper-based formats and continues to place risk assessment at the forefront of the permitting process.

This advanced and user-centric software has been given a full reconfiguration refresh, with updated and streamlined workflow processes throughout, taking the system to new levels of user friendliness.  Additional permit and isolation functionality as well as native Android and iOS applications have also been added to further improve safety and efficiency.

The RAP4 System provides smart, simple, clear, and intuitive modules with the intelligence to assure complete Control of Work (CoW) audit compliance and drive continuous safety improvement.

Through the RAP Cortex, all relevant hazards and controls can be easily accessed by following a best practice workflow process, resulting in a simple to follow system for all. Specific knowledge of permits and permitting processes is not required, thus making the software significantly more accessible to the people who actually do the work.  RAP4 is highly configurable and designed to work for you.

RAP4 drives continuous safety and risk assessment processes that are created directly as part of the permitting process, and it builds on earlier versions of this software to create an easy to access and Intuitive Gateway to Digital Control of Work (CoW) processes.

Yokogawa RAP’s Head of Sales, Mark Breese, says ‘We are incredibly excited to officially launch this fourth major release of the Yokogawa RAP software for Control of Work (CoW).  We have already seen significant interest, and as part of the Yokogawa Group are easily able to support our customers and potential customers, wherever they are around the world, with local expertise and technical capability. RAP4 takes the digital user experience to new levels. Beneath it sits the RAP Cortex, where the experience we’ve gained over 25+ years is held ready for instant use. With this new release I think we’ve made things even more intuitive and, with some our newer or upgraded modules, we’ve created a truly worthy set of tools that can work together or independently and that can dovetail with existing plant systems to form a truly seamless Digital Control of Work (CoW) process.’

RAP4 enhances the user experience for smarter, safer working, allowing best practice safety to be easily and effectively embedded into the heart of any company’s culture.

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