Yokogawa to Launch Cloud-enabled Version of OpreX Collaborative Information Server

  • January 24, 2022
  • Yokogawa
Yokogawa to Launch Cloud-enabled Version of OpreX Collaborative Information Server
Yokogawa to Launch Cloud-enabled Version of OpreX Collaborative Information Server

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that it will release Collaborative Information Server (CI Server) R1.02 in March 2022. This new version of CI Server, a product in the OpreX Control and Safety System family, will have the ability to be delivered on Yokogawa Cloud*1, the company's cloud platform.

Development background

Since its release in January 2021, CI Server has been adopted for use in plants all over the world. By integrating the handling of all kinds of data from plant equipment and systems, this solution facilitates the optimized management of production activities across an entire enterprise, while also providing a remote operation environment to ensure efficient plant operations from any location.
In order to help customers drastically reduce their system infrastructure design, maintenance and management workload, this release of CI Server has been enhanced to enable cloud-based operation, in addition to conventional system configuration in an on-premise environment. Customers will be able to use CI Server in a platform as a service*2 (PaaS) format that combines Yokogawa Cloud, a software license, and maintenance. The use of CI Server together with Yokogawa Cloud will ensure a high security environment.

Key benefits

1. Lower cost project implementation and swift project launch
Running CI Server in a cloud environment enables a reduction in the number of PCs and other such hardware in plants. This eliminates the need for design and configuration work necessary for hardware setup, and speeds up project development. Furthermore, given that projects can be launched without having to purchase additional hardware, initial implementation costs are lower.
2. Safe and efficient operation
With the reduction in hardware, maintenance workload is reduced. And as server capacity can be scaled up for cloud-based operations, it is possible with this version of CI Server to swiftly respond to changes in the operating environment.

The combination of CI Server with Yokogawa Cloud can also reduce the need for cloud environment-related maintenance. In addition, the provision of operating system updates, anti-virus software management, and security monitoring services help customers improve the safety and efficiency of their operations.
*1 Yokogawa Cloud is an industrial transformation and IoT platform that accelerates the development and deployment of industrial cloud applications. It supports the ingestion, processing, and curation of data from various sources, provides industry-specific algorithms and models, and integrates across applications to support insightful decision-making and higher levels of automation.
*2 The provision of a platform consisting of hardware, an operating system, and other components that runs software applications in the cloud. A PaaS includes the installation of all the hardware resources necessary for the deployment of CI Server in the cloud.

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