FCI Products Provide High-performance Flow and Level Solutions to Exacting OEM Requirements

  • January 26, 2023
  • FCI - Fluid Components International
FCI Products Provide High-performance Flow and Level Solutions to Exacting OEM Requirements
FCI Products Provide High-performance Flow and Level Solutions to Exacting OEM Requirements

Dec. 16, 2022 - San Marcos, California - Designers of industrial and commercial equipment, machinery and control systems with wide-ranging technical requirements for measuring fluid flows and liquid levels will find the OEM Products Line from Fluid Components International (FCI) offers them built-to-specification, semi-custom, and COTS sensors, meters and switches with high performance, reliability, and quality, all without routine maintenance requirements for longest-life.

FCI offers OEM designers decades of experience and thousands of active devices at work in flow and level measuring applications around the globe in demanding performance environments. FCI is a true leader in solving complex OEM design engineering requirements for air/gas flow metering, liquid and gas flow alarm/trip-point detection, and liquid point-level sensors.

Applying FCI’s industry leading, advanced thermal dispersion sensing technology ensures OEM designers meet accuracy, fast response, small footprint, and long-term reliability, as well as cost targets.  They are also “dual-function” and can provide an output of the fluid’s temperature, in addition to the flow or level, as well.  Dual-functionality can provide the OEM designer with significant savings in space needed, sensor’s cost, tap-points in piping or tubing, wiring runs, and power in their product’s design.    

 When applied for flow sensing, FCI products can provide rate value trip point switching and alarming of liquids or air/gases, and for flow rate and totalized flow metering of air and gases. When applied for level, they can detect and signal point level of water, oils, hydrocarbons, and more.  They are ideal for fuel and air feed lines, additive dispensing control, oil and lubricant circulation, pump protection circuits, cooling system controls, over/under flow limit switches and more.

Flow meters

FCI’s OEM air/gas mass flow meters are used in air, compressed air, nitrogen, methane, natural gas, carbon dioxide, argon and all other gases in applications that require wide turndown ratios (100:1), low flow sensitivity, no moving parts and negligible pressure drop. These FCI OEM flow products are designed for service in line sizes from 0.25 to 60 inches (6 to 1500 mm) and feature true mass flow outputs. Designs are available as simple sensors and meters to full-featured, rugged-duty flow meters with digital readout, bus communications, NEMA4X/IP67 rated outdoor enclosures, Global Ex-ratings, SIL compliance and more.

Flow switches

FCI’s OEM Flow switches are used in liquids, gases and slurries. They are ideally suited for low flow pump protection, monitoring lube oil, detecting seal leakage, air injection, verifying analyzer flow, monitoring cooling water and other critical applications. These products feature 300 series stainless steel wetted parts, rugged industrial design, no moving parts, and negligible pressure drop. Optional materials of construction include CPVC, Hastelloy, and others for corrosive applications.

Level and interface switches

OEM level switches are used to provide reliable point detection in liquid applications, as well as interface detection between two liquids, liquid and foam, etc. FCI’s miniature sensor designs ensure fast-response and superior repeatability under all process conditions. With minimal pressure drop, they reduce cost and increase OEM equipment efficiency by not having to increase the OEM products power requirements to boost line pressure to achieve required flow rates.

FCI offers dozens of different standard designs and will create custom designs to any OEM specifications. Products are available for service in fluid temperatures up to 850°F [454°C]. Various sensor designs comply with industry standards, including, CE, FM, FMc ATEX, IEC, SIL, and more. FCI’s Quality Management System is ISO9001 and AS9100 certified. 

FCI’s world-class, fully NIST traceable flow calibration laboratories test and calibrate all FCI flow meter products to ensure instrument accuracy with the customers’ actual fluid and at actual process operating conditions.

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