Skkynet DataHub® Service for Microsoft

  • January 23, 2023
  • Skkynet Cloud Systems
Skkynet DataHub® Service for Microsoft
Skkynet DataHub® Service for Microsoft

Implement OT/IT, IoT projects and remote data access securely.

Aggregate and connect any Azure app: Take advantage of the hundreds of 3rd party tools available in the Microsoft Azure marketplace. Seamlessly connect to Azure IoT Hub—or any OPC UA or MQTT supported system—for real-time remote monitoring, and control. Use standard protocols, and add applications and programs running on Azure or elsewhere, as needed.
Your production systems stay secure: Securely acquire, monitor, control, consolidate, and share live process data. Patented technology for outbound-only connections ensures no exposed attack surface in your plant network.
MQTT Smart Broker: Enhanced MQTT and Sparkplug B integrates multiple MQTT message types, responds to errors, and adds data quality information keeping all clients are connection-aware.
Collect data for analytics or AI: Log process data directly to historians like OSIsoft PI, AVEVA Insight, InfluxDB, and others, for further processing by AI or analytical tools.

  • Integrate common industrial protocols.
  • Act as a gateway to Azure IoT Hub.
  • Offer an MQTT Broker in the cloud.
  • Securely integrate cloud SCADA.


  • Aggregate multiple data sources and protocols.
  • Pass data to any data lake.
  • Centralize your alarms and events.
  • Feed data from multiple locations into other Azure Managed Applications.


  • Create dashboards with Grafana.
  • View your HMI with any PC, anywhere.
  • Share information with third parties.
  • Make data from your plants available to remote users.
  • Securely network multiple facilities.
  • Provide real-time remote monitoring and control from many locations.

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