Fluke Reliability Introduces the Fluke 3562 Screening Vibration Sensor System

  • July 20, 2021
  • Fluke Corporation
Fluke Reliability Introduces the Fluke 3562 Screening Vibration Sensor System
Fluke Reliability Introduces the Fluke 3562 Screening Vibration Sensor System

July 20, 2021 - Fluke Reliability, a world leader in machine monitoring devices and cloud-based maintenance software, introduces the Fluke 3562 Screening Vibration Sensor system. With its revolutionary batteryless technology, long-range sensor-to-gateway communication, and ability to connect up to 1,000 sensors to a single gateway, the Fluke 3562 is a “set it and forget it” solution that can operate continuously, even in hard-to-reach places.

“Maintenance teams worldwide tell us they spend too much time inspecting machines that are operating normally,” said Fluke Reliability President Ankush Malhotra. “With our comprehensive vibration monitoring solution, maintenance teams gain visibility to prioritize actions based on current condition when they receive a notification that user-defined thresholds have been exceeded.”

When used with the recently released Fluke 3563 Analysis Vibration Sensor for critical machines and LIVE-Asset management software, maintenance teams now have a comprehensive solution for virtually every asset in the plant. The vibration screening system enables maintenance teams to spot machine faults before catastrophic failures happen, avoiding costly downtime.

The Fluke 3562 Screening Vibration Sensor draws power from a machine’s heat or the light in the room using innovative thermoelectric or photovoltaic energy harvesters. The technologically advanced sensor screens overall vibration levels, temperature and humidity, as well as trends the nine highest FFT peaks by magnitude.

“Today, most maintenance teams only monitor production critical machines,” said Tyler Evans, director of product management for Fluke Reliability. “They don’t have the tools and resources to track their other semi-critical assets, which make up the vast majority of machines in a facility. We designed our screening solution to bring those often-ignored middle tiers of machines under the umbrella of a condition monitoring program.”

The Fluke 3562’s unique features:

  • ​Batteryless technology: With either a thermoelectric or photovoltaic energy harvester, the sensor requires minimum upkeep over a longer period of time, reducing costs and labor.
  • Flexible wireless network capabilities: The wireless gateway has triple network connection capabilities — Wi-Fi, LTE, and Ethernet — so it’s adaptable for any facility.
  • Scalable and long-range: With long-wavelength signals and the ability to connect up to 1,000 sensors, the Fluke 3562 can be placed further from the gateway, allowing sensors to be installed in more hard-to-reach areas.

Fluke Reliability also offers expert services, including remote setup and vibration training. Custom installation and training packages are available to ensure proper installation and operation.

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