AAEON announces UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance kit

  • May 31, 2020
  • AAEON Electronics, Inc.
AAEON announces UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance kit
AAEON announces UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance kit

June 1, 2020 –. UP Xtreme, from AAEON’s UP Board division, is being deployed along with technology from partners including Intel, Milestone and SAIMOS to bring Smart Surveillance to these customers with the UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance kit.

With the ever-increasing importance of on-site security, surveillance cameras are installed virtually everywhere, recording footage passively. Smart surveillance takes things to the next level by adding intelligent processing of data that’s already being gathered to analyze traffic with heatmaps, monitor areas with virtual fences, or reacting to data in other ways to allow for automated control or alerting staff on premises. UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance provides all the technology needed to power these applications in one box, working as an AI-enabled NVR solution to proactively monitor video streams supporting up to 32 cameras simultaneously (Intel Core i7 model with Milestone XProtect Express+).

Working with technology partners Intel, Milestone, and SAIMOS, AAEON’s UP team is deploying the UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance solution to overcome the challenges present in traditional security camera systems. UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance works by integrating video management software (VMS) from Milestone with video analytic software from SAIMOS, then adding a deep learning AI edge inference through the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit. The AI inference is also accelerated with two Intel Movidius Myriad X VPUs, helping provide power alongside the 8th Generation Intel Core processor that comes with the UP Xtreme system.

The BOXER-8130AI is built to integrate into any environment. Featuring six MIPI CSI-2 interfaces, the BOXER-8130AI can support up to six MIPI cameras. The BOXER-8130AI is also built for easy maintenance, with an SD Card slot, USB OTG, remote ON/OFF and almost all of its I/O ports together on one side. The BOXER-8130AI also features two antenna ports.

Once UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance is installed, the platform provides analytic parameter settings for users to have an overview of the entire surveillance installation. UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance provides key functions to support applications such as people/object counting, heatmapping, virtual fence and perimeter protection, dynamic blurring and object detection. The system uses data analytics and edge computing to provide real time analysis, and can provide proactive measures through alerting relevant staff as soon as an incident is detected.
UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance also provides users with a solution that is flexible and scalable from number of cameras to AI acceleration. UP Xtreme Smart Surveillance is helping to bridge the gap for modern security and surveillance systems.

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