Engineered Vision releases Flex-Bot feeding solution

  • June 10, 2020
  • Engineered Vision
Engineered Vision releases Flex-Bot feeding solution
Engineered Vision releases Flex-Bot feeding solution

June 11, 2020 - Engineered Vision announces the release of the Flex-Bot: A New Generation of Vision Flex Feeding Technology. The Flex-Bot provides a solution to a previously unsolved manufacturing dilemma of high mix part feeding. The Flex-Bot offers an alternative to ultra-high volume single part bowl feeders with multiple part flexibility and additional orientation capability through robotic placement. With the ability to adapt to a range of parts through Vibratory & Smart Auto-Tuning Technology as well as a point and click user interface, the Flex-Bot is the solution for current projects. 
Utilizing Epson, the Flex-Bot is a cross-industry solution for manufacturers of all sizes. Handling simple to complex parts sized 5 to 40 mm, the Flex-Bot can support a variety of materials across the plastic, rubber, and metal industries. Quick Parts Changeover allows for the Flex-Bot to integrate into manufacturing lines that produce multiple products of different shapes and sizes. The Flex-Bot uses directional vibration through multi-axis vibration technology for optimization in part control and singulation including part flipping. 
The Flex-Bot comes with an Equipment Base, SCARA Robot, Machine Vision System, Flex Feeder, Hopper, Robot EOAT, Safety System, HMI, Programming, and Installation. Additionally, Engineered Vision provides upgrade options to integrate an Indexing Table or Conveyor for part placement and/or assembly.

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