Freedom IOT introduces Freedom Smart Manufacturing Platform

  • June 07, 2020
Freedom IOT introduces Freedom Smart Manufacturing Platform
Freedom IOT introduces Freedom Smart Manufacturing Platform

June 8, 2020 – Freedom IOT works to bring productivity improvement to any shop floor with its comprehensive Smart Manufacturing Platform that connects all industrial assets and business systems and provides real-time data collection and monitoring. The Freedom Platform connects and collects data from any industrial asset, regardless of brand, age or process and reports are accessed anytime, anywhere via browser devices – including desktops, laptops, tablets or smart phones. This cloud-enabled IoT platform includes customizable dashboards and alerts and helps identify manufacturing bottlenecks and inefficiencies and streamlines manufacturing processes.  

The Freedom Platform is available at three plan levels to right-size the program to individual shop and process needs. Plans include: Light, Pro and Premium, and the company is currently offering new users a 60-day trial and, for a limited time, the Freedom Pro Plan for the price of the Light Plan.

The Light Plan includes Freedom’s eLOG module that provides machine or machine group filtering, configurable date/time ranges, flexible shift scheduling, machine strip chart, metrics reports, and machine alert pareto charts. eLOG cloud-based software suite is the heart of the Freedom platform, as it seamlessly connects and collects production asset data. Notifications are sent via email under the Light Plan.  

The Pro plan includes all of the features of the Light Plan along with auto part counting, OEE metrics, downtime event analytics, part production reports, program analytics, production category reports, and tool reports. It also includes text message alerts and a factory income statement function from Freedom’s e$CORE financial module. e$CORE translates the data collected into dollars and effectively monetizes gains and losses based on user-defined parameters. 

The Premium Plan includes all components of the Light and Pro plans with the addition of sensor data items, shift reports, real-time dashboards, slideshows, and extended data modules for sensor analytics. Additionally, notifications can be set for condition-based triggers. 

All plans include Freedom-developed MTConnect adaptors used to connect to CNC’s, PLC’s, robots, among others. 

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