Nanotec introduces DFA90 BLDC motor

  • June 04, 2020
  • Nanotec Electronic U.S., Inc.
Nanotec introduces DFA90 BLDC motor
Nanotec introduces DFA90 BLDC motor

June 5, 2020 – With the DFA90, Nanotec has expanded its range of BLDC motors with an external rotor motor with a rated power of up to 170 W and a diameter of 90 mm. The DFA90 is available with two different windings for 24 and 48 V and is equipped with digital Hall sensors for control. Customized windings or shaft modifications are also possible. The maximum rated speed of this motor is 2,720 rpm, its rated torque is 0.96 Nm.

Also new to the Nanotec product line is the DFA68, an outrunner with a diameter of 68 mm and 110 W of rated power. A housing with protection class IP54 protects the rotor against the penetration of splash water and foreign bodies. The DFA68 is designed for a rated voltage of 24 V and achieves a rated speed of 3,700 rpm and a rated torque of 0.29 Ncm. Its 14-pole construction ensures quiet operation at low speeds.

The external rotor motors from Nanotec are suited for use in applications with space restrictions, such as in access control gates or belt drives.

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