Neugart introduces PK1 and PM1 series of planetary gearboxes

  • June 23, 2020
  • Neugart USA, LP
Neugart introduces PK1 and PM1 series of planetary gearboxes
Neugart introduces PK1 and PM1 series of planetary gearboxes

June 24, 2020 - Neugart is extending its portfolio of planetary gearboxes, especially for rack and pinion drives, with an additional option for a fitted pinion from its in-house production.
Two specific types of pinion are available: the PK1 pinion is fitted to the toothed output shaft of the gearbox, whereby the secure connection that is required is provided by internal gearing in accordance with DIN 5480. The PM1 pinion, on the other hand, is designed for gearboxes with a flange output shaft, and is equipped with a mechanical interface which is standardized in accordance with EN ISO 9409-1. Both types are available with a helical cut, and the PK1 is also available with a straight cut. The pinions are also available in four different modules and with different numbers of teeth.
The pinion option can also be combined with a total of eight gearbox series: including a coaxial planetary gearbox with an output shaft (PLHE) and an output flange (PFHE) from the Economy Line, which include durable and powerful standard gearboxes with an outstanding price/performance ratio. Two coaxial planetary gearboxes with an output shaft (PSN and PLN) or output flange (PSFN and PLFN) and right angle planetary gearboxes (WPLN and WPSFN) are available in the Precision Line, which represents the accuracy of precision gearboxes.
These numerous pinion/planetary gearbox type combination options ensure that a solution can be found for a range of applications, usually several, meaning that the torsional stiffness of the flanged gearboxes is greater than that of gearboxes with an output shaft. If the construction space situation is the decisive criterion, the constructor can use the short gearbox with the output flange or the right angle precision gearboxes.

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