OES introduces series of XYZ positioning stages

  • June 02, 2020
  • Optimal Engineering Systems (OES)
OES introduces series of XYZ positioning stages
OES introduces series of XYZ positioning stages

June 3, 2020 –  OES (Optimal Engineering Systems) has introduced a series of XYZ positioning stages that can be integrated into new and existing applications.  They are offered in 5 travel lengths for each axis, 50 mm (1.969 in.), 100 mm (3.937 in.), 150 mm (5.906 in.), 200 mm (7.874 in.), and 300 mm (11.811 in.).  Any combination of lengths, motors, and lead screws are available.
The two-phase stepper motors are standard with a knob for manual adjustment. The knob can be replaced with an incremental quadrature encoder for position verification. An optional three-phase brushless servo motor with optical encoder is also offered for closed loop operation. The standard pitch of the lead screw is 4 mm that can be replaced with 1 mm per turn lead screw for higher resolution. 
These adaptable XYZ axis stages feature steel linear ball bearings and hardened steel shafting, and each stage has a 3.543 in. by 3.543 in. (90 mm by 90 mm) table with a precise pattern of threaded mounting holes. These series is also offered with a locking brake for the Z-axis.
The stages are compatible with OES' line of motion controllers and are available as a complete Plug-and-Play system. X and XY axis Linear Stages can also be specified. 

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