SICK announces SICK AppSpace and SICK IntegrationSpace

  • June 09, 2020
  • SICK, Inc.
SICK announces SICK AppSpace and SICK IntegrationSpace
SICK announces SICK AppSpace and SICK IntegrationSpace

June 10, 2020 Sensor technology, SensorApps, and the Cloud – SICK has developed a digital solutions portfolio focused on accessible sensor data. Customers can use these solutions to directly access sensor data and thereby create individual added value for business processes. To supplement SICK AppSpace, SICK has now developed the SICK IntegrationSpace. The SICK IntegrationSpace is where users can find all of the digital services offered by SICK.
SICK combines sensor intelligence with in-depth industry and application knowledge and offers aportfolio of solutions. In doing so, the company is breaking new ground in sensor-based applications. SICK’s offerings have been bundled into two brands: the SICK AppSpace and the SICK IntegrationSpace.
The digital offering is based on the application know-how of SICK and helps to vertically integrate data from the sensor right through to the cloud. This is achieved using flexible data structures, and by providing information and knowledge through digital services and expert advice. This enables users to master any challenges associated with implementing I4.0.
In the SICK AppSpace eco-system, programmable sensors and edge devices can be configured for new tasks using SensorApps. Many apps are already available for download via the SICK AppPool. Until now, basic programming skills were required to generate your own SensorApps in SICK AppStudio.
Thanks to a graphical interface in SICK AppStudio, users can now solve specific sensor applications, even with no programming skills, by configuring and linking pre-defined function blocks in a data flow. SICK is thereby opening up the SICK AppSpace to a larger user group and increasing the availability of current and new sensor applications.

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