Teledyne Lumenera releases Lt Series USB3 cameras

  • June 01, 2020
Teledyne Lumenera releases Lt Series USB3 cameras
Teledyne Lumenera releases Lt Series USB3 cameras

June 2, 2020 ─ Teledyne Lumenera, a Teledyne Technologies company, and manufacturer and developer of digital cameras for industrial and scientific imaging applications, announced the release of its Lt Series USB3 cameras. With enclosures and fully-locking USB3 connectors, these cameras are built for 24/7 use. Equipped with the rolling shutter Starvis CMOS sensors and global shutter Pregius CMOS sensors from Sony, and ranging in resolution from 2-20 megapixels, these cameras perform in a variety of imaging applications such as aerial imaging, Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS), robotic inspection solutions, and life sciences. Teledyne Lumenera’s Lt Series Cameras offer an imaging solution and are designed specifically to meet the challenges of modern imaging systems that strive to provide vision performance while using less power.

The Teledyne Lumenera Lt Series Cameras offer proven 32 and 64-bit operating system compatibility for, Windows, Linux, Linux for embedded system platforms, and single board computers (SBCs). They are designed to deliver dynamic range, high speed, with low read noise for both industrial and scientific imaging applications.


  • Thirteen USB3 cameras will range in resolution from 2 - 12 MP with additional resolutions following
  • Sensitivity (pixel sizes from 2 μm to 3.45 μm) with back illuminated sensors
  • Side mounted locking industrial micro USB for power and control
  • Multiple data rates supported, each optimized for lowest noise performance
  • USB3 Vision compliant, with Windows and Linux SDKs

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