Hexagon Announces New Version of Cyber Integrity

  • June 29, 2021
Hexagon Announces New Version of Cyber Integrity
Hexagon Announces New Version of Cyber Integrity

Houston, Texas - PAS Global, part of Hexagon, today announced the availability of Cyber Integrity 7.2, a leap forward in visualizing, comprehending and directing resources to mitigate vulnerability risk. As the cyber risk for critical infrastructure and process industries continues to escalate, with recent attacks including the JBS cyberattack impacting OT environments and a war on the country’s infrastructure with 65,000 ransomware attacks in 2020 alone, there has never been a more important time to safeguard these systems.
Within just a few clicks, Cyber Integrity 7.2 uniquely enables users to rapidly identify the highest risk assets, expediently prioritize and select a remediation method while deploying remediation assets and adhere to best practices with closed loop documentation. Cyber Integrity 7.2 provides the following capabilities:

  • Reduces the attack surface and quickly conducts remediations in the order that reduces the greatest risk.

  • Develops an enterprise-wide, holistic image of vulnerability risk and develops enhanced risk-based decision-making.

  • Maintains situational awareness of the attack surface and vulnerability severity, aging and propagation paths as they relate to known weaknesses in the infrastructure.

  • Rapidly identifies locations in the environment with the highest number of vulnerabilities while simultaneously considering the patching level of various assets.

  • Instantly reviews meaningful and actionable data regarding patches and upgrades paths providing the highest value.

“We are excited to launch Cyber Integrity 7.2 to provide the industry’s best situational awareness and rapid remediation of vulnerabilities,” said Scott Plunkett, senior product owner, Cyber, Hexagon’s PPM division. “While we could previously show vulnerabilities en masse, this version provides much more direction for customers by rapidly uncovering the most critical problems, easily prioritizing those problems and offering automated selection of the most efficacious route to remediation.”
“This is another excellent example from PAS of the practical application of analytics that enable end users to make better decisions about how to address the most pressing and impactful vulnerabilities at the OT level. OT is unique because it incorporates such a diverse range of systems and assets, from decades-old control system platforms to brand new IoT-based systems, containers, and cloud computing. This makes it even harder for end users to achieve a truly holistic view of cyber risk. PAS brings the OT level knowledge to the table to make the holistic view possible, enabling users to make good, actionable decisions to reduce risk quickly across multiple sites,” said Larry O’Brien, vice president of research at ARC Advisory Group.
Cyber Integrity 7.2 will be available to new and existing partners today at little to no additional deployment cost. A demo video is available here for more information.
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