Festo Introduces the UR+ Certified Multi-Axis Cobot System

  • June 03, 2022
  • Festo Corporation
Festo Introduces the UR+ Certified Multi-Axis Cobot System
Festo Introduces the UR+ Certified Multi-Axis Cobot System

June 1, 2022 - Festo announces the development of its UR+ certified multi-axis solution for Universal Robotics (UR) cobots. The certified UR system adds up to four axes of motion beyond the UR cobot six axes, and embodies Festo world-class precision, reliability, and longevity. This solution from Festo lowers customer engineering time and speeds startup as it arrives ready to install.

Cobot applications are intentionally simple to configure and operate. This multi-axis system is no different. No programming is involved in set up and no additional PLC is required. Multi-axes are configured through the UR HMI. End users simply set position, speed, and acceleration on the HMI or, using the URCap toolbar, move the axes in manual mode to configure motion.

The multi-axis system features the Festo Motion Control Package (FMCP) for UR, which is a complete motion control panel for up to four axis motion. The FMCP is fully integrated with the UR cobot control panel and HMI and features a UR safety I/O and communications interface.  

In addition to a seventh axis used for linear transfer, the FMCP can control turning tables, automatic storage systems, conveyors, and transfer tables, all under the UR umbrella. The FMCP has extra space within the panel for future expansion and brackets for wall mounting, which reduces footprint.  
The seventh axis is also used for extending the range of action for a UR cobot in such applications as palletizing and machine tending. Festo EGC belt-driven or ball-screw linear axes comes equipped with a cobot mounting plate. The EGC has an energy chain for cable management and servo motor optimized for performance. Standard EGC axes are available in lengths of up to 8 m with up to 10 m axes available by request. 

Festo offers a wide range of grippers such as vacuum, mechanical, and the innovative Magswitch magnetic grippers, including the cobot smart gripper E30. Automatic tool changers are also available.

Visit the UR Festo Multi-Axis Solution page on the UR website for solution details and to request additional information.

Festo UR multi-axis system VR 2a

The Festo UR multi-axis system controls up to four axes: UR cobot, top center, with optional E30 smart magnetic gripper: teach pendant, left: and the seventh axis, bottom center. QR code for virtual reality image.

Festo UR multi-axis system VR3a

The Festo Motion Control Package control panel, bottom left, is pre-integrated with a UR control panel, bottom middle. Axes are configured within the UR environment for ease of use. QR code for virtual reality image.

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