Launches Software Allowing Companies to Find Emission Offenders and Reduce Carbon Footprint

  • June 21, 2022 Launches Software Allowing Companies to Find Emission Offenders and Reduce Carbon Footprint Launches Software Allowing Companies to Find Emission Offenders and Reduce Carbon Footprint

June 21, 2022 - The board of directors just committed to aggressive emission reduction goals, in break-neck timeframes. Where to start? Company leaders and technical experts, like engineers and operators, need a map that finds carbon pain points and cuts carbon emissions throughout the entire production process - quickly and easily. today launches a new category of software that provides a never-before-seen view into the manufacturing and production processes–allowing companies to quickly find emission offenders and reduce carbon footprint, leading to profitability and aligning technical resources on a single source of truth.

Kelvin Maps patent-pending technology enables customers to visualize the entire production process, and simulate interactive production scenarios, leading to production line optimization and carbon emission reductions.

Built to address the siloed nature of manufacturing environments, Kelvin Maps provides a unified view of the production system. Now engineers and operators share visibility and contextual information of physical and virtual components–across the production process–leading to optimized production and lower emissions.

“We are transforming the way plants and factories operate, and the way executive leadership addresses carbon emission goals and production gains,” said Peter Harding, founder, and CEO of Kelvin. “By providing engineers and operators immediate and aggregated information about the health of all assets, and the efficiency of all processes, we’ve helped reduce carbon emissions for our clients by up to 40%, while boosting production by 20%.”

The only solution of its kind with emission, controls and automation

Unlike many APM, CBM and other software focusing on limited information for engineers and operators in the field, Kelvin Maps provides the ability to discover the root-cause of why systems are failing.

Kelvin Maps also empowers production line engineers, reliability engineers, process control engineers, asset operators, and equipment operators with a real-time view of emissions and carbon related KPIs, and the controls and automation to fix carbon offenders and issues.

Kelvin Maps is unique by not only identifying emission offenders–but also providing views of failures and root-cause at the equipment and process level, providing engineers and operators with prescriptive recommendations and automation-driven, control decisions to avoid future issues.

Production teams remove bottlenecks in real-time, derive actionable insights for control changes, and automate operations. Production teams using Kelvin Maps also benefit from improved production outcomes, reduced maintenance costs, and more sustainable manufacturing and production.

Financial and operational executives and leadership employ Kelvin Maps to determine and aggregate the true current state of their emission outputs and derive actionable intelligence on how to meet sustainability goals. Kelvin Maps also empowers financial and operational executives and leadership, with information needed to report and adhere to current and future Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) Compliance requirements and mandates.

“We don’t view reliability maintenance and efficiency teams as cost centers, but rather impact centers–essential for strategic corporate net-zero initiatives, and teams to power new revenue streams and boost productivity,” said Suhail Jiwani, chief product officer of Kelvin.

Powering engineer and operator collaboration to find efficiencies and reduce emissions

According to Jiwani, “With human assisted and cognitive AI capabilities, Kelvin Maps creates a single source of truth for a complete facility or a production process–making it possible for engineers and operators on production lines to align on their approach to drive efficiency and reduce emissions.”

As a result, Kelvin Maps boosts collaboration in real-time to help find new ways to produce more, reduce emissions, and drive efficiency.

Kelvin software runs across oil and gas, energy, consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, and other batch and continuous manufacturing sectors. Customers include Halliburton, Santos, BP, Aera and more.


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