AW-Lake introduces EDGE Flow Sensor with optional Bluetooth

  • March 23, 2020
  • AW-Lake Company
AW-Lake introduces EDGE Flow Sensor with optional Bluetooth
AW-Lake introduces EDGE Flow Sensor with optional Bluetooth

March 20, 2020 - AW-Lake Company introduced the EDGE Flow Sensor with optional Bluetooth for use in flow meter applications requiring an analog, pulse or Modbus signal to a PLC or other control system. Mounted on meters including AW-Lake Gear Meters and Turbine Flow Meters, the EDGE Flow Sensor outputs a frequency, current or analog signal that gives users more installation flexibility, especially when unsure of readout equipment or a control room interface. 
With the ability to force the sensor to output a frequency or analog signal, connections to a user interface are verifiable without the need to run fluid flow.  The sensor offers three optional pulse output configurations including push/pull, sinking, and sourcing.  A Modbus output adds additional system compatibility for more advanced operations.
A Bluetooth mobile application gives users the ability to monitor and program flow meters from the convenience of a smartphone without having to be directly in front of the unit.  Operators can remotely configure, set parameters, fine-tune adjustments and troubleshoot the sensor remotely using a mobile device.  The mobile application also supports basic scaling and functions, allowing for remote correction of non-linear flow meters to keep a linear analog output. 
Designed with a reduced package size, the EDGE Flow Sensor is intended to fit in small spaces and can connect to a PC via standard USB-C cable.  The sensor has no contact between the pickup nose and meter to minimize the chance of its damage due to rough handling or installation. 

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