SICK Launches Smaller Linear Encoder for In-cylinder Assembly on Mobile Machines

  • March 08, 2021
  • SICK, Inc.
SICK Launches Smaller Linear Encoder for In-cylinder Assembly on Mobile Machines
SICK Launches Smaller Linear Encoder for In-cylinder Assembly on Mobile Machines

March 4, 2021 - Following the launch of the MAX48 linear encoder, SICK has launched the smaller MAX30 to accommodate smaller cylinders on smaller mobile machines. The MAX series of encoders provide an absolute path measurement system for non-contact and fully integrated position measurement in hydraulic cylinders. It delivers the necessary data for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, all at no additional cost.

With a 30mm diameter housing size, the MAX30 may be small, but it can withstand harsh operational and environmental conditions for accurate non-contact, absolute positioning sensing for mobile applications. It works well for smaller cylinders on small mobile machines, such as a fork truck, garbage truck or other vehicles smaller than a bulldozer. It accompanies the MAX48, which measures 48mm in diameter and works well for larger mobile machines.

The measured values and data of the MAX Series of linear encoder opens new possibilities for improving utilization and availability for automating and monitoring the individual work processes of mobile machines. The absolute path measurement system therefore offers comprehensive and future-proof added value, both for manufacturers and operators of agricultural and construction machinery, logistical hoisting and conveying equipment, municipal vehicles, and airport equipment.

MAX Series: Easy integration and absolute compatibility

The MAX Series of non-contact position sensor comprises of a magnetostrictive measurement element and a permanent magnet integrated into the piston. The measuring range extends from 50 mm to 2,500 mm with a measured value resolution of 0.1 millimeters. The sensor is fully integratable, with no externally visible components that could suffer wear and tear or damage. Mechanically, the linear encoder is fully compatible with mobile machine hydraulic cylinders that support the integration of a position detection system. No modifications to the existing cylinder construction are therefore required. The same applies to electrical integration, for which the MAX has been equipped with an analog interface, as well as interfaces for CANopen, SAEJ1939, and PWM.

The MAX offers not only a standards-compliant immunity to electrical impulses in electrical systems, as per the relevant technical standards, but also a high level of load dump resistance when loading vehicle batteries. Coupled electrical impulses, which can be transmitted by the on-board power supply system when starting vehicles with combustion engines and alternators, do not prevent the MAX from functioning reliably. The MAX linear encoder has been designed to meet the EMC requirements for mobile machines. For manufacturers who produce mobile machines with electric and combustion engines, this means they can use the same linear encoder for both propulsion methods and thereby reduce the part variants in the warehouse and servicing center.

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