Trelleborg IntelliStok IIoT Parts-Management System Automates Stocking

  • March 01, 2021
Trelleborg IntelliStok IIoT Parts-Management System Automates Stocking
Trelleborg IntelliStok IIoT Parts-Management System Automates Stocking

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions announces the launch of IntelliStok® in Canada and the United States. IntelliStok® is a wireless vendor-managed inventory solution that eliminates the need to manually check and scan inventory, potentially saving thousands of dollars each year.

Designed to work with Kanban-based rack and bin systems, IntelliStok® fits existing bins without requiring modification. Once installed, the wireless advanced delivery solution completely automates the ordering process by utilizing sensors to perform regular inventory checks. When stock needs to be replenished, the system automatically sends secure orders to Trelleborg, reducing inventory management and purchasing costs.

Real-time stock tracking also enables users to right-size their inventory levels, lowering the capital tied up in inventory while preventing shortages and overstock situations. The system’s intuitive, web-based customer portal dashboard provides users an overview of the stock being managed at all times.

Linda Muroski, president of Marketing Americas and Global Healthcare & Medical at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, says: “We are very excited to offer our customers this innovative bin stocking management solution, which can dramatically reduce the time, steps, and costs associated with ordering, while ensuring appropriate stock levels are maintained. As a leading supply partner, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions continues to show dedication to customers by providing a superior advanced delivery solution. IntelliStok® is one of the latest innovations in Trelleborg’s Internet of Things initiative.”

In today’s environment, the touch-free IntelliStok® system improves employee safety and delivers further efficiency by eliminating the hand-held scanner required by similar systems. No scanner means no opportunity to spread germs and no sanitizing needed between uses.

IntelliStok® is part of the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions ServicePLUS offering. ServicePLUS solutions help simplify the workflow in every part of a manufacturer’s value chain, from engineering to manufacturing, procurement to aftermarket. A variety of enhanced services match customers’ needs at every step of the business process, ultimately reducing total costs and throughput time.