IXDen Launches All-in-one Software for Failure Predictions and Cybersecurity

  • March 16, 2022
IXDen Launches All-in-one Software for Failure Predictions and Cybersecurity
IXDen Launches All-in-one Software for Failure Predictions and Cybersecurity

IXDen, the failure prediction and cybersecurity expert, has created the world’s first autonomous software that combines OT failure predictions and cybersecurity in a user-friendly, all-in-one solution. The IXDen solution analyzes data from sensors and industrial equipment to spot anomalies in data transactions that signal a cyberattack or OT failure. OT failure and cybersecurity threats are always a concern for companies, especially in  safety-critical sectors such as the utilities, defense and smart building industries. Cyberattacks on critical infrastructures have become more common in recent years, and the current socio-political situation makes them an even bigger threat. At the same time, OT failures routinely jeopardize revenues for companies, leading to millions of dollars in losses. IXDen’s software has been created to tackle both at once. 

The company is the first to create the concept of a biometric identity and multi-factor authentication for industrial equipment. IXDen’s patented solution is a fully autonomous Machine Learning (ML) and AI software that creates a dynamic behavioral model of each device, both in isolation and as part of interrelated process dependencies. The software monitors 100% of data transactions at the sensor level, spotting changes in behavior that signal a cyberattack or equipment failure.   

“The vast majority of sensor data is handled by local controllers and most of the time not propagated upward . Much of the data sent to the SCADA system is not raw data from the sensors, but the data that is already processed. As such its veracity cannot be determined," explained Shimon Peretz, VP of business development at IXDen. ”The IXDen solution analyzes 100% of the data at the physical layer, where it is generated, whether this is on sensors or industrial equipment, enabling real-time detection of OT malfunctions and cyberattacks. This data visibility allows the operation team to validate overall health and reliability of the OT system.”
The data is then used to summarize the OT health in a single numerical score, highlighted by a traffic light performance indicator―signally red, orange or green. With these values, operations managers have an intuitive way of monitoring the whole OT system at a glance, with the ability to drill down on the root causes of problems.
IXDen’s software has been successfully installed at Mekorot, the national water company of Israel and the country's top agency for water management. There, it helps detect anomalies to support better predictive maintenance and cybersecurity. Mekorot's vast supply network comprises 13,000 km of pipelines, 3000 water production plants, 25 desalination sites and supply installations, and millions of sensors.
The IXDen solution predicted failures many days in advance, in some cases even 60 days prior to the event. failures not detected by the existing systems in place. It is estimated that the OT failure predicting abilities of IXDen’s software will help Mekorot save millions of dollars every year.
“With the successful launch of our software solution in Israel gaining more attention, we are working on expanding our market to the US and Europe. We are happy to continue our global expansion to enable OT failure prediction and cybersecurity while helping companies in the utilities, defense and smart building industries save millions,” said Zion Harel, co-CEO and co-founder of IXDen.
IXDen has already secured connections with various dedicated associations, such as American Water Works Association (AWWA), Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association (WWEMA), British Water Association and recently attended the World Water-Tech Summit in London. IXDen will continue its rollout to the US and Europe, which will include attending the WWEMA 47th Washington Forum in Washington DC between April 26th the 28th,2022.
For more information about the company’s software solution, visit IXDen’s solutions.