WISER Systems Launches ATLAS: High Density, Enterprise-Wide Live Positioning Solution

  • March 23, 2022
WISER Systems Launches ATLAS: High Density, Enterprise-Wide Live Positioning Solution
WISER Systems Launches ATLAS: High Density, Enterprise-Wide Live Positioning Solution

March 23, 2022 - WISER Systems, a leading provider of ultra-wideband (UWB) real-time location and tracking systems (RTLS), has just announced its newest product release, ATLAS (Accurate Tracking & Locating Asset Solution).TM This robust software allows users to wirelessly and precisely locate and track tagged items in densely packed metallic environments in real-time, without sacrificing the precision, minimal infrastructure, and ease of install/use that WISER’s lower-density Locator already provides.
The WISER ATLAS system was recently installed at SWD, a leader in metal finishing and fastener sorting. Located in Addison, Illinois, SWD processes up to 500 work orders a day in their 200,000 square foot facility that runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The facility is a heavy industrial setting where metal bins and parts move in and around the packed facility to various finishing and sorting stations.
“It was the ability to simultaneously track thousands of parts that sold us on the WISER ATLAS,” said Matt Delawder, SWD sales & marketing manager/partner. “On any given day we needed the ability to track up to 3,600 parts, with the capability to reassign 500 work orders to tags each day. WISER was great to work with and was accommodating when we requested the option to have different color tag enclosures for our needs. This is the best productivity improvement we’ve done in years. It will change our entire manufacturing process.”
WISER ATLAS allows the user to easily log items to assets using the WISER mobile/desktop app.
WISER ATLAS allows users to associate work-order or part numbers to tags instantaneously, to track them throughout their entire manufacturing cycle on the floor. As always, the user can view all tags as they move throughout the mesh using the app. The search function snaps to the tag being searched across the entire mesh for easy retrieval or process step identification in real-time.
The WISER micro-location system uses ultra-wideband (UWB) technology to locate, identify, and track assets live in real-time. WISER ATLAS delivers solutions in Industry 4.0 priorities, including smart manufacturing, and operations improvement and efficiencies, warehouse and auto-inventory management, supply chain and logistics, occupancy and visitor tracking, and yard management, to name a few.
“WISER ATLAS offers the industry a truly revolutionary system where companies can track thousands of work orders and assets live and simultaneously with high accuracy and minimal infrastructure. The system is simple to install and provides accuracy even in highly reflective industrial and metal-heavy environments like those of SWD, unlike anything available on the market today,” said Mark Dirks, chief revenue officer at WISER Systems. “Other systems require a substantial number of additional antennas, hours of installation, and regular infrastructure maintenance, which until now has made real-time autonomous tracking in these high-density locations prohibitively expensive,” Dirks added.