Bosch Rexroth Launches Hägglunds Hydraulic Motors

  • March 16, 2023
  • Bosch Rexroth
Bosch Rexroth Launches Hägglunds Hydraulic Motors
Bosch Rexroth Launches Hägglunds Hydraulic Motors

Hägglunds is entering a daring space with the Hägglunds Quantum range of hydraulic motors. The range does away with established barriers, combining torque and speed with previously unthinkable efficiency. For direct drives in heavy-duty applications, it creates a powerful new reality.

Bending the laws of size, strength and speed

The Hägglunds Quantum range shapes proven strengths into an extraordinary new performance curve. It offers a top speed of over 150 rpm, yet it provides a sustainable maximum torque of more than 350 kNm. At corner power, where the two extremes meet, users can achieve a mind-bending 3 MW — without sacrificing compactness or efficiency.

“The Hägglunds Quantum range rewrites the rules of power density, especially when it comes to efficiency at higher speeds,” said Wolfram Ulrich, vice president of Sales, Hägglunds. “By stretching the limits so far beyond previous solutions, it introduces possibilities for greener operation, mobile applications and more.”

One range with two powerful aspects

Within the Hägglunds Quantum range are two motors with shared DNA. Hägglunds Quantum is the new name for the Hägglunds CB, which has evolved so significantly over time that it can no longer be considered the same motor. Tweaks in design and materials have increased its efficiency and tripled its life expectancy, making it the ideal basis for a bold new step.

That step is the Hägglunds Quantum Power, which merges a slim new connection block with this reliable foundation. Through additional ports and innovative internal design, the block enables far higher speeds while retaining full torque capacity at high efficiency. Consequently, the Hägglunds Quantum Power can deliver high power with greater economy and sustainability than any previous solution.

“The two parts of the Hägglunds Quantum range, Hägglunds Quantum and Hägglunds Quantum Power, create a seamless curve without gaps in speed or torque,” said Ulrich. “One part reflects the constant, long-term improvement that we pursue in all Hägglunds solutions. The other is a result of radical new thinking — a true quantum leap.”

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