GE Digital Releases New Mobile Capability for Mechanical Integrity

  • March 13, 2023
  • GE Digital
GE Digital Releases New Mobile Capability for Mechanical Integrity
GE Digital Releases New Mobile Capability for Mechanical Integrity

GE Digital, an integral part of GE Vernova’s portfolio of energy businesses, has expanded its Asset Performance Management (APM) software with a new Integrity Mobile offering designed to further optimize inspections by digitizing and streamlining the process of data collection in the field. As part of APM Mechanical Integrity, the mobile application is designed to allow workers to create inspections, manage inspection tasks, complete inspection reports, capture and annotate images, and create recommendations on a mobile device both in online and off-line modes.
Also, energy organizations need to operate at capacity to meet demand while not investing in legacy infrastructure during the energy transition. Heavy industry needs to conduct regular physical inspections and capture real-time data, often in hazardous environments. For both these reasons, an adaptable mechanical integrity (MI) program becomes critical for protecting people and processes. “It is important for asset owners to possess an integrated and scalable APM platform, particularly with matured and innovative asset integrity tools. GE Digital's solution provides industry compliant RBI calculators, mobile inspections, and 3D digital twins. This helps standardize risk-based inspection analysis, ease inspection data collection, contextualize data and make data actionable with an intelligent integrity operating window framework,” said Andrew Meyers, Research Director of Oil & Gas for IDC Energy Insights.

APM Mechanical Integrity is a comprehensive inspection solution for a closed-loop mechanical integrity program across the enterprise. It helps operators implement optimized inspection strategies to reduce risk, lower inspection costs, and ensure regulatory compliance relative to their fixed assets. Leveraging an integrated set of tools, APM Mechanical Integrity enables users to calculate risk and the remaining useful life of assets. It also streamlines auditing and compliance governance including with various Process Safety Management (PSM) requirements such as process hazard analysis, mechanical integrity, and management of change. The Integrity Mobile expansion follows other recent developments for the application, including a partnership with Visionaize to provide 3D Visualization Capabilities to APM.
With Integrity Mobile, inspection details, scope, history, and images are available in a unified, intuitive interface to ensure that users execute confident and safe inspections. The mobile application enables employee and contractor inspectors, inspection team leaders, and asset integrity managers to provide real-time updates, reducing communication lags between field and facility and supporting informed judgements in the field.
Available on both iOS and Android platforms, Integrity Mobile is an add-on to the Inspection Management module in APM Mechanical Integrity. In addition to reducing error-prone paper-based data collection and minimizing the time spent in dangerous environments, the ability for inspectors to annotate images of critical assets in the field using freehand drawings and formatted text and generate recommendations on their devices will improve process efficiency and lower Operations & Maintenance costs. 
“The challenges of the energy transition require asset-intensive companies to be more agile and efficient,” said Linda Rae, General Manager of GE Digital’s Power Generation and Oil & Gas business. “Industry research shows that companies are investing in mobility to improve worker productivity, increase safety, and enhance customer experience. Integrity Mobile meets their needs with a smarter means to collect, analyze, and review inspection data so that it informs decision making throughout the business.” 
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