ITTIA DB Supports VxWorks and Wind River Linux

  • March 30, 2023
ITTIA DB Supports VxWorks and Wind River Linux
ITTIA DB Supports VxWorks and Wind River Linux

March 28, 2023 - ITTIA, a global leading provider of secure high-performance time series embedded data management software for embedded edge systems announced the immediate availability of ITTIA DB software for the industry-leading VxWorks RTOS and Wind River Linux operating system. ITTIA DB is an embeddable, high-performance database that integrates time series with real-time data processing, where low-footprint transactional and analytical queries are both performed locally on embedded devices. Together, ITTIA DB and Wind River software offers a great edge computing platform for developers of embedded system applications.

The recent evolution of embedded systems and the Internet of Things, IoT, has introduced connected embedded systems such as automobiles, factory robots, and consumer electronic products to process data as close to the embedded device as possible, on the IoT edge. ITTIA DB is a real-time database specifically designed to store, accumulate, process, and analyze data streams. Each data stream is continuously generated from multiple resources. ITTIA DB empowers systems to incrementally process information through stream processing, without the overhead of transmitting the full data set.

ITTIA SDL, a secure development lifecycle, is conformant to the principles of IEC/ISO 62443, and ITTIA security practices assist manufacturers with advanced integrated software development methods, infused by a secure development lifecycle based on zero trust principles, enabling makers of IoT edge devices to mitigate unpredictability. Data encryption, authentication, and ITTIA DB Security Expert Agent Library, DB-SEAL are among the security features included with the total integration.

ITTIA DB is architected as a time series database that offers embedded applications to quickly add records, process, and manage massive quantities of time series data. Data is ingested efficiently and continuously, with fast speed and high precision. ITTIA DB-specific algorithms and architecture meet the requirements of edge computing for speed and high data volume. ITTIA DB handles concurrent time series, measuring many different variables or metrics in parallel.

ITTIA DB’s advanced Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) diminishes the need for database locks, resulting in fewer database access contention issues, such as deadlocks. Read access performance is greatly improved, without blocking continuous, isolated write operations.

“ITTIA and Wind River’s partnership means delivering essential embedded software development value to our customers and collectively solving the most complex real-time data computing problems on the IoT Edge. It also means we are continually improving and evolving the ways we work with partners to best support customers," said Sasan Montaseri, ITTIA president. "Our partnership will help enrich the edge computing experience for our shared customers, and ITTIA and Wind River can provide exciting new capabilities for modern embedded computing."

“The growth of the intelligent edge and increasingly complex computing workloads across mission critical industries create unique sets of requirements and obstacles. Through our collaboration with ITTIA, we can help our mutual customers overcome demanding technology and business challenges in order to reach their objectives,” said Christina Ungaro, vice president, Corporate Development, Wind River.

ITTIA will debuts ITTIA DB performance characteristics on VxWorks and Linux in its upcoming webinar on April 20.

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