Pentek announces ArchiTek FPGA Development Suite

  • May 11, 2020
  • Pentek
Pentek announces ArchiTek FPGA Development Suite
Pentek announces ArchiTek FPGA Development Suite

May 11, 2020 - Pentek announced its ArchiTek FPGA Development Suite, a  product for adding custom IP to select Pentek Talon recording systems. ArchiTek is a development environment that enables engineers to add FPGA IP to recording systems, such as threshold detection, spectral filtering, digital down-conversion, signal classification, demodulation and many other digital signal processing techniques.

Developing custom IP for an FPGA requires an architecture that protects the user from custom IP development pitfalls such as breaking the existing IP and corresponding recording software. ArchiTek harnesses Pentek's Navigator FPGA Development Kit (FDK) and Board Support Package (BSP) to provide a development environment that steps engineers through the process of integrating custom IP into the recorder. Along with the Navigator FDK, ArchiTek provides the foundation and example projects for adding IP to user blocks and creating additional data-path branches from existing data streams. The structured design protects the recorder’s standard functionality.

Customers can now add FPGA IP to a recorder for real-time, on-the-fly digital signal processing during the data acquisition process. Using ArchiTek, FPGA developers can add additional recording channels to the system, so users can record both processed and unprocessed data simultaneously. ArchiTek provides  documentation and tutorials to assist developers through the customization process.

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