Pfannenberg announces Type 3R Outdoor Filterfans

  • May 15, 2020
  • Pfannenberg
Pfannenberg announces Type 3R Outdoor Filterfans
Pfannenberg announces Type 3R Outdoor Filterfans

May 15, 2020 – Pfannenberg, a manufacturer of thermal management technologies, announced the Outdoor Filterfan, a rainproof filter fan with an airflow suitable for outdoor weather conditions, which makes a rainhood unnecessary for most applications.   

The Outdoor Filterfans are certified to TYPE 3R. providing electrical enclosures with protection against ingress of falling dirt, harmful effects of rain, sleet, snow and external ice formation. Further, it features UV resistance plastic to prevent premature degradation from direct sunlight. Traditional outdoor solutions would require installation of a metal hood (rainhood) over the filter fan.

Like the millions of field-installed Filterfans 4.0, the Outdoor Filterfan reaches a particularly high airflow with flow optimized fins and rotor blades. The fluted filter-mat provides 3x longer service life by holding more dust before airflow is impeded, extending the mean time between maintenance (MTBM) for outdoor enclosures. The series maintains the 11 patented features, including a patented 4-corner fastening system that allows toolless installation in seconds in most enclosure wall thickness.

Pfannenberg’s Outdoor Filterfans are offered with eight different airflows in multiple sizes and voltage (AC & DC). It is also available in two colors – Black and Light Grey. The family includes matching exhaust filters for a complete setup for your enclosures. They are UL listed, NEMA, CE and RoHS compliant

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