SICK releases FTMg multifunctional thermal flowmeter sensor

  • May 13, 2020
  • SICK, Inc.
SICK releases FTMg multifunctional thermal flowmeter sensor
SICK releases FTMg multifunctional thermal flowmeter sensor

May 13, 2020 – Energy efficiency and transparency are playing an increasingly important role in the manufacturing world. To help improve energy management, SICK has developed the FTMg, a multifunctional thermal flowmeter sensor for the detection of gas flow, temperature, and process pressure.

With the measurement of compressed and non-corrosive gases, it displays three parameters at once by measuring the flow, pressure, and temperature.

The FTMg, stands for Flow Thermal Meter for gases. With its size and ability to measure three parameters with one device, it can measure flow, pressure, and temperature and display it all on the same device.
It detects non-corrosive gases (i.e., argon, helium, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen) and compressed air. Using the calorimetric measuring principle, it is able to monitor the transformation of heat to determine the flow rate of the gas or air within the pipeline with a measurement accuracy of ± 3% M.V. and ± 0.3% M.E.V. In addition, the flow sensor can also monitor high measurement dynamics and low pressure loss.

All users with an energy management system in accordance with EN ISO 50001 can now also observe their energy consumption and make it more transparent for optimization. The integrated data monitoring lasts for up to seven days, therefore supporting the efficient search for leaks in pneumatic systems. This is what makes targeted detection and localization of exceptional pressure loss possible.

But the high measurement dynamics for detecting changes to the consumption system also make an important contribution. Measurement data can be interpreted with quick changes or jumps and the correspondingly flat or steep edge of the pressure curve.

The OLED color display provides a display of several measured values as a text and progress diagram. The Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) sensor has an integrated web server that enables operation by computer and standard browser. The PoE sensor also provides the OPC UA and MQTT interfaces.

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