Control Station Introduces Enhanced Process Optimization Software

  • May 25, 2021
Control Station Introduces Enhanced Process Optimization Software
Control Station Introduces Enhanced Process Optimization Software

May 26, 2021 - Control Station today announced the Spring 2021 Release of the company’s award-winning Loop-Pro process modeling and controller optimization technology suite. With this latest release Loop-Pro eliminates common connectivity challenges that increasingly restrict data access while also introducing advanced analysis and reporting capabilities that further enhance the software’s utility.
Control Station’s suite of Loop-Pro products now supports the OPC Unified Architecture (UA). The addition of OPC UA assures that Loop-Pro remains compatible with increasingly diverse and complex control systems. OPC UA supports control systems that are not based on Microsoft Windows® and that are typical within modern manufacturing environments. The release enhances Loop-Pro‘s ability to model and tune PID controllers by accessing live process data while continuing its support of traditional offline data files.
“OPC UA is the standard by which modern control systems communicate and it makes plant-wide process optimization achievable,” noted Brett Beauregard, Control Station’s director of product development. “With this release we’ve made it easier to access essential data which is key to the user experience. Also included are new capabilities for more in-depth analysis and for more comprehensive reporting.”
In terms of its new analysis and reporting capabilities, the Spring 2021 Release allows users to trend additional and non-traditional data channels while modeling a process’ dynamic behavior. This specific enhancement to Loop-Pro‘s trending feature facilitates the examination of performance issues that stem from process interaction. The software’s reporting function was improved with the addition of historical tuning details. The coefficients from previous tuning sessions are now included with reports, showcasing how a process’ dynamic behavior and/or control objective has evolved over time.
Loop-Pro is the marketing leading process modeling and controller optimization solution. Equipped with the company’s proprietary Non-Steady State (NSS) Modeling Innovation, Loop-Pro is the only suite of PID tuning products that has been proven to accurately model the noisy and oscillatory process data that is typical of industrial applications. LP is private-labeled or referenced by global OEMs, including NovaTech Automation, Rockwell Automation and Yokogawa.

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