Galco Launches Control Techniques Commander S100 Drive

  • May 16, 2022
  • Galco Industrial Electronics
Galco Launches Control Techniques Commander S100 Drive
Galco Launches Control Techniques Commander S100 Drive

May 16, 2022 - Madison Heights, Mich.- Galco Industrial Electronics (Galco), a global distributor of industrial electronic components, secured a partnership with Control Techniques to be the first in North America to distribute their innovative Commander S100 Drive.
“Control Techniques is known for their innovative ideas, and the Commander S100 is a game-changer,” said Allison Sabia, president and CEO of Galco. “Galco is proud to partner with Control Techniques to bring this revolutionary drive to the market.”
The Commander S100 by Control Techniques is the latest in AC Microdrive technology, with a dedicated feature set optimized for simple motor control applications. This cost-effective solution offers plug-and-play convenience, with limited setup requirements, easy access to terminals, and a click-on/click-off DIN rail mount for fast installation.
The Commander S100 is the first drive with a built-in near-field communication (NFC) app interface as a standard feature on every drive. The accompanying Marshal app allows the user to hold a smartphone close to the drive and configure for flow, motion, and process applications. Marshal is available for Android and iOS and enables drive set-up in only 60 seconds using NFC technology.
“Control Techniques is proud to work with Galco to help bring the Commander S100 Micro Drive to the market, leveraging Galco’s extensive reach across multiple industries,” said Andrew Mrasek, vice president of Sales Americas, Control Techniques.

Additional Commander S100 features include:

  • Power on/off commissioning, even when the drive is still in the box;
  • Cloning–parameters can be transferred from one drive to another;
  • Diagnostics–Marshal provides real-time diagnostics even when the drive is powered off and step by step instructions will help the user fix the problem and get the drive running again;
  • User also can easily share wiring diagrams and drive configurations as a PDF file via email or WhatsApp or another messenger app.

 The Commander S100 is available now via Galco’s website.

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