Litmus and Google Cloud Co-develop Manufacturing Connect Platform

  • May 06, 2022
  • Litmus Automation
Litmus and Google Cloud Co-develop Manufacturing Connect Platform
Litmus and Google Cloud Co-develop Manufacturing Connect Platform

May 5, 2022 - Litmus announced it has co-developed the Manufacturing Connect platform with Google Cloud to simplify the complex task of collecting data from disparate factory devices and exposing it to Google Cloud data and AI applications. Manufacturing Connect seamlessly integrates with Google Cloud to deliver ready-to-use factory data to manufacturing engineers who need it to improve manufacturing operations at scale.

Manufacturing Connect is a factory edge platform that is purpose-built to support over 250 machine communication protocols out-of-the-box. Data is structured and stored locally and sent to Google Cloud for advanced analytics and AI. The platform can deploy and manage AI and machine learning models at the edge for closed loop AI.

“Improving manufacturing operations with analytics and AI capabilities has become critical for organizations looking to scale their digital transformation initiatives,” said Charlie Sheridan, technical director, Industry Solutions, Manufacturing, Google Cloud. “By making Manufacturing Connect easy to integrate and deploy with Google Cloud, Litmus is providing customers with the technologies needed to inform their smart manufacturing operations and succeed in the cloud.”

Manufacturing Connect is deployed as an edge computing platform with advanced capabilities including data collection and engineering, easy-to-build data visualizations and KPI dashboards, containerized application deployment and machine learning model runtime. Manufacturing Connect adds a management layer deployed on Google Cloud to help customers easily control and scale their data, applications and machine learning models across multiple sites. The platform was formally announced by Google Cloud today along with industry-specific solutions that accelerate manufacturers’ digital transformation.

“Manufacturing Connect solves OT complexity to provide a simple and fast way to get data to Google Cloud – with just a few clicks,” said John Younes, co-founder and COO of Litmus. “Our near-instant connectivity and seamless integration means customers don’t have to think about how to get access to the data, they can focus on how to use the data to maximize their smart manufacturing investments and time-to-value.”

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