IFS Cloud May 2023 Release to Advance Business Resilience Efforts Through Optimization and Connectivity Capabilities

  • May 25, 2023
  • IFS North America, Inc.
IFS Cloud May 2023 Release to Advance Business Resilience Efforts Through Optimization and Connectivity Capabilities
IFS Cloud May 2023 Release to Advance Business Resilience Efforts Through Optimization and Connectivity Capabilities

May 25, 2023 - IFS, the global cloud enterprise software company, has announced the general availability of the first of its twice-yearly IFS Cloud releases. The update will support customers as they enhance business agility, build resilience, and mitigate risk in a world of constant change. 

Every IFS Cloud release strengthens the IFS vision to deliver capabilities for an intelligent autonomous enterprise. With a focus on automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), IFS Cloud optimizes people, assets, and services to drive value and empower transformation.

Across all industries, organizations are trying to alleviate the effects of rising inflation, disrupted supply chains, climate change, and environmental regulations by investing in digitalization to improve productivity, agility, and drive excellence.

IFS’s approach enables customers to leverage automation and business intelligence to better understand key challenges across their operations, work more efficiently, and increase productivity.

These continued investments translate into each of the company’s core industries, as the latest release of IFS Cloud offers the tools designed to help businesses:

  • Optimize people, assets and services
  • Connect global operations 
  • Achieve ESG goals profitably

Using the latest release of IFS Cloud, organizations are empowered to deliver faster time-to-value and respond effectively to changing conditions while ensuring long-term sustainability.

Optimizing people, assets and services

IFS Cloud uses AI, ML, and automation to optimize growth by streamlining processes related to people, assets, and services. Improvements include better data quality, automation and compliance:

  • Optimize operations: Increase production planning and capacity utilization with new scheduling scenario functionality in Manufacturing Scheduling & Optimization (MSO) (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Align asset maintenance to daily operations: Support business decisions, anticipate and prepare for maintenance needs with “What-if-scenarios” (WISE) (Aviation Maintenance)
  • Foster collaboration and user engagement: Personalize and improve employee productivity with bookmarked navigation (IFS Cloud User Experience)

Connect global operations

IFS Cloud simplifies operations, improves customer service, reduces downtime, and ensures compliance by integrating isolated operations, offering advanced management capabilities:

  • Drive efficiency with enhanced logistic management: Streamline assets between sites, and reduce administration effort for logistic teams and maintenance planners (Enterprise Asset Management and Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Reduce process complexity: Provide autonomy for technicians with scheduling exception handling, match skill levels to service requests to deliver faster and more accurate services (Service Management)
  • Improve productivity and performance: Deploy faster with improved data migration manager; Ensure system uptime and efficiency through ready-to-use dashboards (IFS Cloud Platform)

Achieve ESG goals profitably

IFS Cloud is a modern tool for managing ESG goals. The latest update offers improved capabilities for measuring Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions and achieving their objectives profitably:

  • Effective measurement of data and reporting of ESG performance: Adopt sustainable and circular manufacturing operations with the Eco footprint capability supporting regulatory reporting (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Increase asset resilience: Gain rapid insights into the comparative health of critical assets to enable data driven-driven investment decisions (Enterprise Asset Management)
  • Reduce emissions and travel downtime: Advanced remote assistance to reduce downtime and eliminate travel to site (Service Management)

IFS Pioneer customers like Cimcorp, Morgan Motors and Suzuki Garphyttan have shown that developing business resiliency is not just a proactive measure but also a chance for innovation, differentiation, and growth for the future.

Christian Pedersen, chief product officer, IFS, said: “Since launching IFS Cloud, we have continuously improved our product in response to customer’s needs. Through each release, we have emphasized the importance of digital capabilities and connectivity in boosting productivity, business agility, and achieving operational excellence. It is that focus and consistency that allows our customers to deliver exceptional Moments of Service."

He continued, “Over the last few years many organizations have battled disruption; in this latest release to IFS Cloud, we have not deviated from our strategic priorities and ensured that our technology equips companies to build a composable enterprise. Our expertise lies in empowering organizations with the latest technology because we are clear on the ongoing value it delivers when embedded into their business.”

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