ACS Introduces ECMsm Economical Control Module All-in-one Controller

  • November 06, 2020
  • ACS Motion Control
ACS Introduces ECMsm Economical Control Module All-in-one Controller
ACS Introduces ECMsm Economical Control Module All-in-one Controller

Nov. 6, 2020 - ACS Motion Control launches the first in a new line of Economical Control Module products. The ECMsm is a compact, all-in-one, 2- or 4-axis motion controller with internal drives, designed for OEMs with cost-sensitive motion control applications. The ECMsm provides up to 5/10A per axis with 12-48 VDC drive supply. 
“With its compact, all-in-one configuration, ECMsm is ideal for small footprint equipment in biomedical, semiconductor, and other high-tech industries,” said Jason Goerges, ACS Motion Control USA general manager and vice president of global marketing. “As OEM machine builders expand their lower-cost lower-footprint offerings, market requirements for a cost-optimized motion controller and drives platform running on the same software language and tools as a high-end motion control platform became clear.  The ECMsm and future Economical Control Module products, which complement our flagship SPiiPlus product platform, will address that need.”
The "Connect, Command, Control" ready-to-go usability of this product is intended for OEM machine builders who need flexibility, value and ease of integration.  Its industrial packaging minimizes integration effort and consequently reduces time to market.  ECMsm’s unique multi-processor architecture leverages powerful control algorithms to achieve best-in-class performance, while its universal servo drive technology enables the system designer to easily integrate and control most types of motors and stages.
Product highlights:

  • Compact Industrial Package for Streamlined OEM Integration

  • Comprehensive Software Tools for Reduced Time to Market

  • Intuitive ACSPL+ real-time programming with up to 6 simultaneous threads for maximum application flexibility

  • Comprehensive Host Programming Libraries for maximum application flexibility

  • Flexibility to interface with multiple motor types for best technology fit on each axis: brushless, brush, voice coil, or stepper

  • Integral Safe Torque Off (STO), SS1 functional safety capabilities

  • Excellent performance at an economical price point

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