Bentley Nevada's Ranger Pro Wireless Condition Monitoring Sensor

  • November 18, 2020
Bentley Nevada's Ranger Pro Wireless Condition Monitoring Sensor
Bentley Nevada's Ranger Pro Wireless Condition Monitoring Sensor

Bentley Nevada's efficient and rugged Ranger Pro† provides real-time, online condition monitoring data that is critical to an effective predictive maintenance program. The Ranger Pro can be used to gather important machine health data from a broad range of machinery across multiple industries including power generationoil & gasminingpulp & papermetal processing and more. More than just a vibration sensor, the Ranger Pro allows for 24/7 monitoring of velocity, acceleration and temperature plus timebase waveforms, spectra and PeakDemod spectrum on important machine assets. Decrease unplanned downtime, increase machine life through predictive, condition-based maintenance with Ranger Pro wireless vibration monitoring system.
Bently Nevada Ranger Pro online wireless vibration sensor and condition monitoring system offers these benefits:

  • Cost-Effective 

By eliminating “reporting by walking around” via accurate, real-time remote data collection, your Ranger Pro Wireless system will save you labor costs, erroneous diagnoses, and unplanned production outages.

  • Easy to Install

Our compact, wireless design coupled with an extended battery life makes the Ranger Pro the obvious choice for ease of installation, even in hazardous or hard to reach settings

  • Long Battery Life

The Ranger Pro wireless vibration monitoring system boasts an impressive battery life (up to five years in some configurations) also means increased protection and condition monitoring for all of your machinery.

  • Expandable

Wireless (star or mesh), battery-powered, and compact (88mm by 40mm), the Ranger Pro Wireless vibration sensor can be set up in either uniaxial or tri-axial vibration detection configurations with temperature and can be provisioned and configured over the air.

  • Condition Monitoring Software 

While the Ranger Pro is compatible with many third-party software solutions, it is now fully integrated with Bently Nevada's flagship condition monitoring software: System 1†, which allows for seamless, real-time, and fully customizable machine health data. System 1 is the only software suite that has been designed from the ground up to work with the Ranger Pro Wireless, leveraging the sensor's powerful data collection abilities so you can get the most accurate reporting on your overall machine health.

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