Festo Valve Terminal Offers Plug and Play Safety

  • November 13, 2020
  • Festo Corporation
Festo Valve Terminal Offers Plug and Play Safety
Festo Valve Terminal Offers Plug and Play Safety

Nov. 11, 2020 - Festo introduces to Rockwell Automation customers at Automation Fair, Nov. 16-20, a unique pneumatic valve manifold that enables up to Performance Level (PL)-d Category 3 safety through an integrated serial bus backplane for pneumatics. The “C-Bus” plug-and-play integration simplifies, speeds up, and lowers component costs when installing pneumatic safety circuits, which are specifically for safe exhausting and preventive start-up.

The new VTSA-F-CB (CB for C-Bus) valve manifold offers serial communication that enables up to three safety-shutdown-groups per manifold. The VTSA-F-CB is compatible with combinations of pilot air control valves, soft-start exhaust valves,  proportional valves, and vacuum generators.


A 2019 Reddot award winner for product design, the CPX-AP-I remote pneumatic  I/O system improves the performance of mixed valve terminals and I/O systems.

“The VTSA-F valve manifold platform, a long-standing product in automotive applications, now offers with its C-Bus variant the ability to control downstream valves and devices via an integrated C-Bus backplane,” said Frank Latino, Festo product manager. “The VTSA-F-CB can dramatically reduce the number of components and time required to set up a range of safety circuits. The solution provides Rockwell OEMs and end users the ability to control valves with safe switched power zones and to monitor integrated sensors for safety feedback via Ethernet/IP.”

Visitors to the Festo virtual booth at Automation Fair will find an informational on-demand video of the VTSA-F-CB, a PowerPoint providing in-depth technical information, and the ability to chat with Festo personnel.
At Automation Fair, Festo also showcases:

  • The next generation remote pneumatic I/O system CPX-AP-I, which supports improved performance and easy commissioning

  • CPX-IoT Gateway for IIoT and Industry 4.0 functionality

  • CPX plus MPA for maximum function integration and serial communication for electrics and pneumatics

  • IO-Link valves with Rockwell premier integration for fast commissioning and improved diagnostics

  • And the revolutionary Festo VTEM intelligent valve pack.

Festo has been a proud, recognized partner of Rockwell Automation for over two decades as a supplier of intelligent pneumatic devices. Festo Encompass authorized products can be found on the Festo Encompass webpages.

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