ShopVue Expands MES Offering to Include Warehouse Management (WMS)

  • October 25, 2021
  • ShopVue - Cai Software
ShopVue Expands MES Offering to Include Warehouse Management (WMS)
ShopVue Expands MES Offering to Include Warehouse Management (WMS)

PORTLAND, Maine - Sept. 21, 2021 - CAI Software, a leading provider of mission-critical, end-toend production-oriented software applications, is pleased to announce the release of ShopVue Warehouse Management. ShopVue, an industry-leading Manufacturing Execution System (MES), has been helping companies for nearly four decades optimize their People, Processes, Orders and Machines in the production area of their business.

CAI Software acquired Radley Corporation in December of 2020. Radley has been providing process automation tools for over 30 years and brings deep subject matter expertise with respect to materials management. Radley Warehouse Management is now being offered to the ShopVue Community as an add-on module, ShopVue Warehouse Management.

"For years our customers have asked ShopVue to help them manage materials and inventory as part of their production management strategy," said Steve Cascio, Chief Customer Officer. "Our collaboration with Radley allowed us to accelerate this strategic initiative and to deliver greater value for our clients across their production processes."

"Radley is pleased to contribute a flexible warehouse management solution to the ShopVue Community," said Kevin Cammet, Radley Vice President. "The addition of scalable solutions for receiving, inventory management, warehouse task optimization, and shipment verification provides a complete, end-to-end solution for manufacturers."

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