Altech Corp releases GEOS enclosures

  • February 06, 2019
Altech Corp releases GEOS enclosures
Altech Corp releases GEOS enclosures

February 6, 2019 - GEOS enclosures from Altech Corp.incorporate a patented design and features to withstand harsh indoor or outdoor industrial environments and offer protection for housed assemblies. These enclosures have been engineered to prevent the ingress of harmful contaminants (whether moisture, dust, dirt, or others), resist corrosion, and withstand strong shocks.

Manufactured from lightweight plastics, the enclosures are rated IP 65 and in full compliance with IEC 62208 and IEC 61349 requirements and other relevant international standards. Five basic housing sizes are available with the capability to allow for different internal heights. Accessories enable customization for any application.

Among key features, GEOS enclosures integrate reinforced double insulation between active and tangible surfaces ensuring IEC Class 2 electrical protection. A special contoured “Drain Protect” design serves to keep the housing tight and dry in accordance with NEMA 4X standards by discharging water from condensates or wash downs before moisture can reach the enclosure’s elastomer seals, which add yet another layer of protection. Enclosures can withstand temperatures from -35º C to more than 80º C.

In applications encountering changing temperatures and/or condensation risks, GEOS enclosures can be equipped with unique air ventilation elements to provide a permanent air exchange and protection against the elements.

GEOS enclosures mount using integrated internal fixing points or optional external fasteners. Accessories include DIN rails, mounting plates, front panels, and dividers, which can be installed using a tool-less mounting system.

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