ATLANTA Drive Systems announces ATLANTA linear actuators

  • April 09, 2019
  • Atlanta Drive Systems Inc.
ATLANTA Drive Systems announces ATLANTA linear actuators
ATLANTA Drive Systems announces ATLANTA linear actuators

April 9, 2019 - ATLANTA Drive Systems announced a range of linear actuators, for use in 3D printing machines utilizing additive manufacturing techniques such as Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and Selective Laser Melting (SLM).

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is an additive manufacturing technique that uses a laser to sinter (or fuse) small particles of plastic, metal, ceramic or glass powders into a solid structure.  Selective Laser Melting (SLM) is similar to selective laser sintering (SLS), but can be used to fully melt the powder, rather than heating it up to the point where the powder grains fuse together.

ATLANTA linear actuators can be used to precisely control the position of the powder bed, lowering it by one layer thickness, which is typically 20 to 100 micrometers (0.0008” to 0.0040”) thick.  The actuator also supports the weight of the powder bed and once the part is complete, can return the bed to the home position to start another part.

The ATLANTA linear actuators utilize ballscrew spindles and zero-backlash nuts enclosed in protective housings, driven directly by servo-worm reducers.  The moving spindle extension is protected with a bellows to prevent powder intrusion.

For applications where the bed cannot be guided by linear guides due to potential powder contamination, ATLANTA can offer special linear actuators with an integrated linear rail and carriage that is fully enclosed in the actuator.  For applications requiring operation within a vacuum, the ATLANTA linear actuators can also be provided with seal surfaces on the ballscrew to allow for vacuum operation while having the servo-worm reducer drive from outside the vacuum environment.

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