ATO introduces series of load cells

  • March 28, 2019
  • ATO Automation Inc
ATO introduces series of load cells
ATO introduces series of load cells

March 28, 2019 - A load cell is a transducer, which can generate an electrical signal whose magnitude proportional to the measuring force. They are used various measuring instruments such as electronic balances, testing machines, industrial scales, etc.

Some common types of load cell from ATO

  1. Strain gauge load cells, used in most common industries.
  2. Shear beam load cell, a straight block of material fixed on one end and loaded on the other. In the case of lateral forces, shear beam load cell can offer excellent stability.
  3. Single point / platform load cells, allow the construction of a weighing scale or machine with only one load cell. They are used in small or medium sized platform scales.
  4. Compression load cell, a block of material designed to be loaded at one point or area in compression.
  5. S-type load cell, a S-shaped block of material that can be used in both compression and tension (load links and tension load cells are designed for tension only).


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