Bentley Systems announces iTwin cloud services for infrastructure engineering digital twins

  • October 24, 2019
Bentley Systems announces iTwin cloud services for infrastructure engineering digital twins
Bentley Systems announces iTwin cloud services for infrastructure engineering digital twins

October 24, 2019 – Bentley Systems, a provider of software and digital twin cloud services for advancing the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure, announced cloud services for infrastructure engineering digital twins. Digital twins are digital representations of physical assets and their engineering information that allow users to understand and model their performance in the real world over their lifecycle. In effect, “evergreen” digital twins advance BIM and GIS through 4D.  

iTwin Services enable engineering firms to create, visualize and analyze digital twins of infrastructure projects and assets. iTwin Services federate digital engineering content from BIM design tools and multiple data sources, enable “4D visualization” of digital twins, and log engineering changes along a project/asset timeline, to provide an accountable record of who-changed-what-and-when. Engineering teams are using iTwinServices to conduct design reviews, validate design data, and generate design insights. Users of Bentley’s design applications can apply the iTwin Design Review service for ad hoc design reviews, and project teams using ProjectWise can add the iTwin Design Review service to their digital workflows to facilitate overall project digital twins.

PlantSight is an offering jointly developed by Bentley Systems and Siemens, which enables owner-operators and their engineers to create living and evergreen digital twins of operating process plants. PlantSight allows operations, maintenance, and engineering to access trusted, accurate digital twin data immersively, including P&IDs, 3D models, and IoT data. It provides a single view of truth in a validated information model that facilitates situational intelligence, line of sight, and contextual awareness. PlantSightwas jointly developed by Bentley and Siemens using iTwin Services and is commercially available from either company.

iTwin Immersive Asset Service enables owner-operators using AssetWise to align asset performance data and operational analytics in their digital twins’ context, making engineering information accessible to a wider audience of users through user experiences. iTwin Immersive Asset Service shows “hotspots” of activity and change in asset status over time which leads to faster and better-informed decision-making that ultimately helps improve asset and network performance.

The ever-evolving physical reality of an as-operated asset has previously been difficult to capture digitally and keep current. In addition, the corresponding engineering information, in its assortment of incompatible file formats and constant change, has typically been “dark data,” essentially unavailable or unusable. With digital twin cloud services, Bentley helps users to create and curate digital twins to improve the operation and maintenance of physicalassets, systems, and construction processes, through immersive 4D visualization and analytics visibility.

At Bentley’s Year in Infrastructure 2019 Conference, digital twin advancements featured in 24 finalist projects in 15 categories in project locations across 14 countries ranging from transportation, water networks and treatment plants, to power stations, steel plants, and buildings. Overall, 139 nominations in 17 categories cited digital twin objectives for the innovations used on their projects – a significant increase from 29 such nominations in 2018.

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