Competitive Intelligence Survey: Magnetic Flow Meters

  • January 17, 2020

Spitzer and Boyes presents: The Magnetic Flowmeter User Information Report…Are you sure you are buying and specifying the best value in price and performance for your magnetic flowmeter needs? Spitzer and Boyes and MarketingPractice Consultants have combined the expertise of David W. Spitzer, P. E., author, editor, and respected instructor of flow seminars, and Walt Boyes, marketing professional, industry analyst, and applications columnist for Flow Control magazine, to offer a new and unique set of reports to the industry.The first in a series, Spitzer and Boyes Competitive Intelligence Survey: Magnetic Flowmeters has already set a new standard for useable information and technical completeness, while providing significant new data and conclusions on one of the “workhorses” of flow measurement. If you manufacture, sell, specify, or use full-bore magnetic flowmeters, this study is a “must have” for you. Spitzer and Boyes LLC8 Perth AvenueChestnut Ridge, NY10977845-623-1830dwspitzer@aol.com more information on this report. WHY YOU SHOULD BUY THIS REPORTThis report is unique. For the first time, users and specifiers of magnetic flowmeters have an unbiased independent look at all of the available models from all of the manufacturers. The report is designed to be a consumers’ guide to the magnetic flowmeter field. The report includes rankings of flowmeter performance in each of 11 flowmeter categories, and a tabulation of the source/manufacture of each supplier’s equipment.The 11 categories:· Ceramic-lined · Electrodeless · Low flow (under 12 mm/0.5”) · Medium flow (12 mm/0.5” to 300-450 mm/12-18”) · High flow (bigger than 300-450 mm/12-18”) · High-noise · Low-conductivity · Partially-full · Fast response · Sanitary · Two-wire Each category contains a head-to-head comparison of every meter model available. Now users, consultants, and contractors can see that all magnetic flowmeters are not created equal.Get a copy of this report and find out which are the best.HOW TO GET REGULAR UPDATESThe market changes every day. Mergers and acquisitions change the product offerings and competitive standing of companies regularly. New designs are offered; new technologies for magnetic flowmeters are released several times a year. Purchasing a Spitzer & Boyes Competitive Intelligence Report entitles you to subscribe for a nominal fee to the Competitive Intelligence Update Service. This service takes the obsolescence out of the Competitive Intelligence Report. As changes occur, you will know. The Competitive Intelligence Update includes what the change was, how it fits in the market with a technical discussion, and a new table showing how the new model stacks up against the competition.HOW TO BUY THIS REPORT

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